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Why Experts Say You Shouldn’t Trust Dr. Oz and “The Doctors”

By Sam Turner Many Americans watch daytime television and among the shows they watch are Dr. Oz and The Doctors. Both shows offer medical advice and many people actually take that advice and act on it. Canadian researchers analyzed the two shows and their results may surprise you. The experts found that only 46% of […]

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Mental health problems are deeply connected to substance abuse

Reported by Liku Zelleke There is a tight correlation between mental illness and substance abuse – but many people, including experts in treatment or rehabilitation of victims either don’t know that fact or simply choose to ignore it. The trauma that a person undergoes while a child can, for years to come, haunt them.  Sometimes, […]

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Sierra Leone bans Christmas in order to stop the spread of Ebola

By Jose Miguel In light of the effort to mitigate cases of the Ebola infections, the government of Sierra Leone has ordered a ban on public Christmas celebrations. According to Defense Minister Palo Conteh, there will be no public festivities for both Christmas and New Year this year. Throughout the Yuletide season, troops will be patrolling […]

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Mental Instability Will Cost 278 New Yorkers Their Gun License

Reported by Kacie Whaley Psychiatrists and other health authorities have reported 278 New Yorkers with gun licenses as being unfit to carry due to mental instability.  Many of these flagged individuals have since had their weapons confiscated by law enforcement, reported. This new protocol was introduced when the New York SAFE Act was put […]

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Man says he’s literally addicted to killing people and cannot stop

Reported by Nigel Boys When Sialson Jose das Gracas was arrested after stabbing a woman to death in Rio De Janeiro this week, police didn’t expect him to confess to killing at least 40 people since the age of 17, according to reports. The 26-year-old killer, whom police are describing as a psychopath, claims that […]

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Study: Men are just more likely to be idiots

Here it is, scientific proof that a Y chromosome makes you dumb. (No, not really). Every year, the British Medical Journal puts out an especially, shall we say, whimsical edition in honor of the holiday season. All of the studies therein are subject to the same standards as usual, but they tend to be a […]

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HIV in Brooklyn rising, especially among gay men and those who sleep with them

While rates of new HIV infections in New York City have almost halved in the past ten years, statistics from New York’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DOHMH) show that more than half of new HIV infections were among men who have sex with men (MSMs) — specifically young men under 30. In fact, […]

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Dr. Sinclair Grey III: Breaking the Silence And Getting Real About Mental Health

Mental Health: Breaking The Silence and Getting Real With It by Dr. Sinclair Grey III  How many times have you come across someone (whether in your family, within your circle of friends, or a fellow coworker) that didn’t seem right mentally? In other words, what you observed didn’t seem right, appropriate, or justified. All too […]

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Missing Texas doctor found safe after nearly week-long search

A Texas doctor who was reported missing a week ago after not showing up for work has been found safe in a nearby town. Fehintola (FT) Omidele had been missing since she was last seen the evening of Nov. 30 during a family dinner in Houston, reported. Omidele, 25, never arrived to her job […]

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Woman grows fingernails instead of hair all over her body

Imagine being 28-years old, at the prime of your life, and being hit by a disease so devastating that you didn’t even know it existed. This woman’s situation is one that will make you thankful for your health.  She has a rare condition in which the hair follicles on her body have been replaced by […]

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  • wanda: I've always been a little suspicious of some of the things being touted on Dr. Oz's show. I'm not saying it's all bad, but he sometimes comes off as being a proprietor of gimmicks. View Post
  • bg: Yeap I live in Illinois and had a doctor that I see for depression. Now I was a deputy sheriff and had depression before getting hired. Anyway I changed jobs and when it was time to renew I was denied because I went to counseling. Now I wish I hadnt asked for help. But I no a lot of people that don't have license and they have guns. This is only gonna make the gun trafficker rich View Post
  • Toni: It should cost people with mental instability their gun licenses in every state, not just NY. What about KY???? Add KY into people with guns that they should not be able to have them. View Post
  • Lorna: OUT OF DARKNESS THE LAST STAND! I do like this new tour idea of yours Paul. Like so many millions of others have stated, you have lifted my spirits on a number of occasions. I am not funny unless I am just talking having a conversation with people. So it is hard for me to think of a joke but, my mother and dad are from new orleans I heard you talk about your birthplace many times. I also think you are a Leo by your astrological sign. You Leo's are something else, HAHAHA, the Lion, the fire the laughter and that courageous and funny personality naturally draws people to you, it's the fire, in your heart and spirit. Sent my prayers up to the one and only God many times for you and will continue. I feel your fire. It makes me feel as if we are friends, like I know you, I guess that is how people truly get to know each other, through their spirits. Blessing, and peace of mind , Your friend you never met, Lorna View Post
  • au: so, why don't he just try it in jail while he's there for 30 years? View Post

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