How Did Hundreds of Cruise Passengers All Get Sick at the Same Time?



It’s a scary idea. Imagine going on a vacation with your family and then all of you getting sick.  Then, to make matters worse, imagine that hundreds of other passengers get sick with you at the same time.  That’s what happened on a recent Royal Caribbean Cruise.  This company has been able to escape most of the negative publicity that hit Carnival Cruise Lines when ships went down and passengers returned to shore traumatized.

In this video, Dr. Jennifer Caudle speaks to media about cruise illnesses, and helps you to determine how to avoid becoming sick on these ships if you take your family on vacation.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that hundreds of passengers were sick and it put a strain on the medical staff on-board.

Dr. Caudle says that simple measures can protect you on these ships.  Little things like washing your hands before and after eating can make a huge difference.  Watch the video on this link and tell us what you think.


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