Study: Too Much Sugar Can Kill You, and Most Americans eat Too Much


Sugar is one of those things that we keep in the house that doesn’t appear to be all that dangerous.  But then, you hear things like this.  Dr. Jennifer Caudle did a recent appearance on CNN to talk about the dangers of sugar and had some disturbing news that might change your outlook just a little bit.

It turns out that this sweet, lovable substance has a direct connection with your chances of getting heart disease.   In fact, the study says that your risk increases exponentially.

Dr. Caudle talks about the study, where thousands of people were analyzed.  They asked how much sugar people are taking in and what it does to your body.  It turns out that many Americans get as much as 10% of their calories from sugar and that the more sugar you bring into your body, the greater your chances of getting heart disease.

Watch the video here and think about it carefully.  It just might save your life.

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