Dr. Jocelyn Slaughter: What to Expect When You’re Pregnant


by Dr. Jocelyn Slaughter

Sugar and spice and everything nice.  From the ballet recitals as a child, to wearing that white wedding gown as an adult, being a woman is supposed to be pretty, sweet and nice.  However, our bodies are under constant changes and sometimes it’s not sugar, spice, nor anything nice.

I am an Obstetrician, and I have worked with many pregnant women and delivered hundreds of babies.  I am also currently pregnant with my first child and my husband and I are happily experiencing my changing body together.  Let’s talk about the early months of pregnancy and some of the things you might experience:

1)    Fatigue:  This is usually one of the first signs of pregnancy.  The body is rewiring  to turn attention, blood supply and energy toward a growing life.  I was hit hard by the fatigue of early pregnancy.  I couldn’t wake up on time and always wanted to nap.  Ladies, take time to sleep as much as possible.  Do not take on large projects or tasks, and know that this is a normal part of pregnancy.

2)    Nausea:  This is a normal response to a healthy pregnancy. The elevated amounts of the hormone Beta HCG can create a feeling of nausea in most women which can be increased with twins or multiple gestations.  Eat frequent meals, including breakfast and take your vitamins.  My new favorite drink is ginger-ale which is known to calm a queasy stomach.

3)    Weight gain:  Some women gain no weight until around 20 weeks of gestation.  Every woman is different, so try not to compare yourself to those around you.  You may not start “showing” for a while, but you may feel bloated in your lower abdomen.  During the first trimester, usually a small amount of weight gain is healthy.  Most normal sized women should gain between 25-35 pounds during their entire pregnancy.

Finally, here are some pregnancy “Do’s” and “Don’t’s”!

Don’t:  Go into hot tubs, eat exotic fish with mercury, do drugs, smoke or drink alcohol. ,

Do:   Go to your prenatal doctor visits, take the time to select a hospital for delivery, taking your prenatal vitamins, be excited about being a mommy!

Jocelyn Slaughter, MD

Obstetrician Gynecologist

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