Pres. Obama promotes healthcare in his funniest interview yet


Between Two Ferns is not a real show…well, sort of.  It’s a segment that is part of the platform “Funny or Die,” which actually does pretty hilarious stuff.  President Obama is pushing to make the Democratic Party cool for the midterm elections, and he is also seeking to get Americans to give him a second chance on Obamacare.  So, fitting with the use of media as a weapon of political strategy, the president made an appearance that might be considered just as funny as ones he’s done with his wife Michelle.

Of course, not everyone was happy with it, and the Republicans have said their share about how the interview was “unpresidential.” But Pres. Obama achieved his primary objective, which was to get traffic to increase to, the president’s new website where people can go to obtain Obamacare.  Most reports are showing that the president’s healthcare plan has increased the number of Americans who are now covered, but there are many in the medical profession who aren’t happy, including Dr. Ben Carson.

The interview is pretty funny and even though it’s not presidential, it actually makes the president seem to be an approachable guy.

Check it out below:


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