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Adorable video of 3 year old “debating” his mother leads to debate on spanking

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Leave it to the media to find a reason to debate something as adorable as this.  But this cute video of a toddler trying to debate his mother has gone viral all over the web.  It’s also led to a debate about spanking and whether or not it’s OK.  We’re curious to know if our readers were spanked as kids, and if so, whether they were as damaged and traumatized as social scientists lead you to believe.

Also, for those kids who are out of control, cussing at their parents and doing horrible things, what would have been a better way to punish them?

Here is the video, and the rest of what Huffington Post has to say about it is below.  Enjoy.

The above video has been viewed more than 2 million times on YouTube with sites calling it “adorable” and “hilarious.”

And yes, little Mateo — who asks grandma for a cupcake after mom says no — is definitely both of those things.

But there is one part of the clip that nobody seems to be talking about. In the midst of Mateo’s monologue, he tells us that “It’s gonna burn [my] butt.” And his mom says, “You and Kevin don’t listen, so I have to give both of you guys pow-pows on your butt.” That’s a mother and son talking about spanking, one of the more controversial disciplinary actions.

Former HuffPost Senior Columnist, Lisa Belkin, argues that the spanking “debate” shouldn’t exist, because there aren’t two sides — decades of research shows that spanking is ineffective and psychologically harmful. But still, news outlets and other parenting blogs discuss the practice often. The real news here is that the Internet is choosing to ignore that part this time, for no clear reason.

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