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How the government infected black families with syphillis


Many people have the impression that racism simply involves isolated acts of prejudice. However, the racism that results in long lasting oppression of people from minority backgrounds is typically perpetuated by institutions. People of color have faced institutional racism in housing, education and law, to name a few. Some of the most unsettling examples of institutional racism have involved medicine. In the 20th century, the U.S. government conducted syphilis research on marginalized groups—poor black men in the American South and vulnerable Guatemalan citizens—with disastrous results.

The Tuskegee Syphilis Study

In 1932 the United States Public Health Service partnered with educational establishment the Tuskegee Institute to study black men with syphilis in Macon County, Ga. Most of the men were poor sharecroppers. By the time the study ended 40 years later, a total of 600 black men had enrolled in the experiment called the “Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male.” Medical researchers swayed the men to participate in the study by enticing them with “medical exams, rides to and from the clinics, meals on examination days, free treatment for minor ailments and guarantees that provisions would be made after their deaths in terms of burial stipends paid to their survivors,” according to Tuskegee University. There was just one problem: Even when penicillin became the main treatment for syphilis in 1947, researchers neglected to use the medication on the men in the Tuskegee study. In the end, dozens of study participants died and infected their spouses, sexual partners and children with syphilis as well.

The Assistant Secretary for Health and Scientific Affairs created a panel to review the study and in 1972 determined that it was “ethically unjustified” and that researchers failed to provide participants with “informed consent,” namely that test subjects were to remain untreated for syphilis. In 1973, a class action suit was filed on behalf of the enrollees in the study that resulted in them winning a $9 million settlement. Moreover, the U.S. government agreed to give free medial services to the survivors of the study and their families.

via Medical Racism: The Tuskegee and Guatemala Syphilis Studies.

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One thought on “How the government infected black families with syphillis

  1. childofthesixties

    I remember reading about this many years ago and all I can say is what has been said about the White man all along, he is nothing but the devil walking around on this Earth. Most of those involved could not read or write due to not being allowed to as a young child therefore they (researchers) knew that they were getting over on these poor Blacks! Makes one wonder what the hell they are doing today behind our backs and we can read and write. Nine million was not enough! I wonder about those off and on again outbreaks of Ebola in Africa!


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  • 1Blkmnop: The Ebola virus has finally hit the United States. Oh really, the first lie was it "Ebola" would never reach the U.S. Why can't Black people see this for what it is. We act like the Tuskegee Experiment was an accident or they would never do it again, Experiment on Blacks without their knowledge. And i keep hearing the term " boots on the ground " sounds like their at war. And a usual it's against Black people.. So when are they going to try to quarantine the Blacks in the so-called exposed areas. Don't believe the hype. What's next concentration camps made by FEMA. SMDH only in America View Post
  • Elle: I challenge every person to read this mother's plea and sign this petition or make a monatary contribution to this cause. By the way there is no budget, administrative fees, and the research has already been done! It's a proven fact that according to a report submitted to the UNITED NATIONS HUMAN RIGHTS COMMITTEE (10/04/2013) in review of American compliance with the INTERNATIONAL COVENANT on CIVIL and POLITICAL RIGHTS. It argues that EVERY stage of the UNITED STATES CRIMINAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE, from ARREST TO TRIAL TO SENTENCING is infected (not affected) with RACIAL INEQUALITY. Here are the committees findings: 1 in every three Black Males born today can expect to go to prison at some point in their life. Once arrested, they are more likely than any other race to get convicted; and once convicted, they are more likely than any other race to face stiffer sentences. The report's findings lead it's authors to conclude that the UNITED STATES is VIOLATING the INTERNATIONAL COVENANT on CIVIL and POLITICAL RIGHTS, which states that ALL CITIZENS MUST BE TREATED EQUALLY UNDER THE LAW. The UNITED STATES RATIFIED (AN OFFICAL WAY TO RECONIZE or VALIDATE) THE TREATY IN 1992. ARE YOU UP FOR THE BLS CHALLENGE?? *Excerpts from Saki Knafo (Huffington Post) View Post

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