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Al Roker Needs To Get His Bicep Re-Attached After Yet Another Surgery


By Lechette Walker

The “Today Show” was missing the popular, weather man Al Roker on Wednesday. Roker explained that he experienced unexpected setbacks after a shoulder surgery. Rocker at 59 years old, had his bicep reattached by surgeons that extended his recovery. He tweeted to his fans while assuring him that he was appreciative and recovering after surgery.

‘Thanks for well wishes. A lot more damage to the rotator than they thought and my bicep had to reattached,’ he wrote.

‘Rotator cuff repair this am. Thanks to Dr. Riley Williams and his team, back to pitching middle relief for the Yankees before you know it.

Rocker has been under the knife several times throughout his weatherman career. The gastric bypass surgery was a big headline back in 2002 when Rocker had the weight loss procedure. As a result of the surgery he dropped off 100 lbs. with diet and exercise. He experienced other surgeries that included knee replacement and a back operation.

He is expected to undergo physical therapy on his arm that will last for a coupler of weeks. As his recovery goes forward, it is expected for him to have a shoulder sling as he heals. There has not been any other details released about his operation but we hope his recovery goes well.

“Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes. As soon as I can, PT for my rotator cuff,” said Roker.

Roker appeared on the Today show on Friday morning telling his colleagues that he feel “pretty good”. He has plans to be back on the air on Monday wearing his sling. He also stated that he got a call from Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday.  He had jokes that showed his humor stating “We’re moving ever so closer to getting the vice-president to come to the 9 o’clock hour. Even if I have to rip my arm off.”


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2 thoughts on “Al Roker Needs To Get His Bicep Re-Attached After Yet Another Surgery

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