How does Magic Johnson look so healthy despite having HIV?


For eons tongues have been wagging about former NBA superstar Earvin “Magic” Johnson (pictured) and how he has managed to look so healthy and have so much vigor despite being diagnosed with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Now the mega-entrepreneur has finally decided to put an end to the whispers surrounding his health. On Tuesday, Johnson appeared on Sirius XM’s HipHopNation to explain how he has not been cured of the virus via some magic juju, according to TMZ.

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Johnson, who was a point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers at the time of his diagnosis, made explosive headlines around the world back in 1991, when he revealed he had contracted the AIDS virus.  As one of the most-beloved sports figures in the world, folks were reeling over Johnson’s revelation: the news forever changed the league, the franchise, a man and the world.  Many wondered how the virus could have crept in to the heterosexual realm, which at the time, was still considered a gay affliction?

As the years progressed, Johnson retired from his beloved sport, made stupefying inroads in the business sector, and became an AIDS activist.  Soon, folks began wondering how Johnson wasn’t losing weight and why didn’t he look sickly. Johnson always looked healthy as a horse and there was never a news report revealing that he’d been hospitalized with an HIV-related illness.

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    • sharon anthony on

      Perhaps he dpes what his doctors tell him to keep his immune system optimal as it cAN be. Perhaps he eats prpoperly most of the time to keep the rest of his body strong. It was found early enough that his immune system could be built up. And yes, perhaps he has enough money to pay for all this.

  1. Dickens Toussaint on

    The reason dick Gregory told him stop taking azt aids is biggest lie created to kill off black people. It just another form of population control.

  2. He looks healthy because he takes his meds consistently and takes care of himself. Just because a person is HIV + does not mean they will look sickly and die. It is no longer a death sentence as so many people believe. No cure but as long as the patient does what they should do to stay healthy they can live just as long as anyone else.

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