This 70-year old woman looks like a 40-year old


Annette Larkin’s has eaten a 100 percent raw, vegan diet for decades, and she is reaping the benefits. She refers to the diet as her own fountain of youth. She grows many of her own fruits and vegetables in her backyard and also collects rainwater. A raw vegan diet is free from all animal products, so Annette eats a lot of fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

While Annette has followed this diet for decades, her husband has not followed suit, but says that he now wishes that he had. Annette has managed to maintain such a youthful appearance that some even wonder if Mr. Larkin is her husband or if he is actually her father or even grandfather. Mr. Larkin takes medications for diabetes and high blood pressure while Mrs. Larkin reports not even needing to take an aspirin.

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  1. All I have to say is YOU GO GIRL!YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL!!!!I dont think I could go completely raw but I can certainly incorporate more healthier foods like veggies, fruit and more organic foods in my diet .What a inspiration!

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