Mentally Ill Inmate Dies After Being Denied Medication for 7 Days


A mentally ill inmate at Rikers passed away after being denied his medication while locked in solitary confinement.

It all started when Bradley Ballard made an offensive gesture at a female guard at the Rikers Island prison. That led to him being placed in solitary confinement for 7 days, during which time his mental illness was exacerbated. While Ballard was in his cell alone, he tied a rubber band around his private area, took off all his clothes, and clogged the toilet. Although guards reportedly peeked in on Ballard, no one gave him his medication.

When someone finally did enter Ballard’s cell, it was because the 39 year old inmate was naked and dead on the floor of his cell.

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  1. This is sad that a Correction Officer would peek in and not do anything about this man medication. As a Correction Officers have we become follow the leader in Prisons or Jails, this is an America still, do we deny prisoners of there rights, to life saving medication base on what other Correction Officers say about them do your own investigation, don’t rely on what other say about and inmate. Get to know who you are dealing with, inmate sometimes are not at there best with the Officer who brought them in,at least investigate there problem. Quit being follow the leader into lawsuits.