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Maya Angelou keeps cancelling events due to health problems


Few people have a public voice that resonates like that of Maya Angelou.  She has been loved for many decades, and when Father Time catches up with our heroes, we end up hurting.  Maya is now 86 years old, and with age comes the onset of physical complications.

The Associated Press is reporting that Maya had to cancel a recent event due to health concerns.  The 2014 MLB Beacons Luncheon was set to honor the famed poet, but announced that she could not make it.   The announcement was made by the Commissioner of Major League Baseball and was going to occur right before the annual Civil Rights game to be played in Houston on May 30th.

This is the second event in recent months that Angelou has had to cancel.  Last month, she was going to appear in Fayetteville, Arkansa, but had to miss because an “unexpected ailment” sent her to the hospital.   The person to replace Angelou at the MLB event is Robin Roberts from Good Morning America.

The event isn’t going to just honor Angelou.  It is also set to honor Berry Gorder and Jim Brown.

Angelou released a statement claiming that she is appreciative of being recognized by the MLB at such an important event.  She also chose not to disclose the nature of her illness.

We wish Ms. Angelou the best.

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31 thoughts on “Maya Angelou keeps cancelling events due to health problems

    • Guy Maynard

      YOU ARE AN ASS Dr. MAYA is a truth teller she does everything out of love for her people and the world RIP OUR SISTER XOXOXOOX

  1. B. Wash

    There come a time in ones life when you should go sit down … why at her age she is still trying to run around making appearances? She need to stop and enjoy what money God has allowed her to make and stop trying to get more… !

    • sharon

      B.Wash-it’s not the money. She is dedicated to her readers and those who are helped from her books. God has allowed her to serve, now she needs to be served.

    • Dollgirl410

      I don’t think this is about making money. She is being Honored, not going to work! Do you even know the difference? You need to go sit down somewhere and learn how to speak and write correct english! How about that?

    • Whatever

      There is no need to sit down until it’s necessary and the only one that knows when it’s necessary is God. So 1 thing we all will do in life is be born & die and neither is on mortal time. So all of us that have read B. Wash ignorant comment should be very happy we as mortals don’t have that ability. Dr. Angelou’s accomplishments to humanity, strength, devotion, motivation and words will live forever like a positive note only she could write then recite. She is was and will always be a legendary which most of us never reach in our life’s journey. This is to honor and pay the utmost respect to 1 of the high achiever’s in life which will definitely be missed, Dr. Maya Angelou….R.I.P.& thank you for sharing..

  2. Hollace

    B. Wash??? Wash that nasty, negative, lazy, sit & do nothing but wait for whatever happens mentality out of YOUR OWN. HEART & BRAIN THEN MAYBE YOU’LL BE SO BLESSED TO HAVE A LIFE OF HAPPINESS, JOY, POSITIVITY. MS. MAYA ANGELO DESERVES OUR RESPECT, PRAYERS, ADMIRATION & POSITIVE HOPES & WISHES FOR A SPEEDY RECOVERY! YOU GO sit down & read her body of work maybe then you’ll understand her value to ALL PEOPLE.

  3. Starr

    My book club just read and parsed Mom, Me $ Mom and found it enjoyable. I wish this phenomenal woman a speedy recovery. But who is Berry Gorder???

    • Sherry

      I was wondering the same thing, who in the heck was Berry Gorder! This is straight foolishness! #kmsl

      Ms Maya Angelou….gosh what great admiration and respect that I have for you. Please take care of yourself. Be Blessed.

  4. Toni

    I remember one of Maya Angelou’s statement “When someone tells you something believe them”.
    It comes true in all stages of life.
    I have deep respect for this woman who I have never met but realize she is such a wise woman.

    B. Wash does not understand that it is not always about money…maybe in his mind it is but this woman has been able to share with others her wisdom and that is worth more than a ton of gold.

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  6. Pamela Deloatch

    Thank you, for all of your years of wisdom that you have shared wirh us. You are a phenomenal woman!!

  7. kimberly

    I love her!My favorite thing that she said that inspired me the most is when she said ‘Never whine…it let a Brut know that a new victim has moved into the neighborhood.I taped that phase on my wall…Be well Maya.

  8. Debbie

    Stop the hate messages. We should all be grateful of ms. Angelou`s writings and public service through the years. There will never be another Maya Angelou

  9. Rose

    First, this is not newsworthy as we all miss events from time to time. The article stated, “This is the second event in recent months that Angelou has had to cancel.” Only two missed? I think for 86 years old that is FANTASTIC! Lastly, if she doesn’t feel like coming out, leave her alone. Consider it a blessing that she a) accepted your event and, b) was able to attend your event. If you make it to b. then you are SUPER blessed! At 86, she can do what she darn well pleases! Much love to you Mother Angelou. If we would each do a fraction of what you have done, the world would be better! P.S. Who IS Berry Gorder?

  10. Sekou Osei

    So, who cares, she is another outdated and irrelevant Negro poet with long tropes of over sentimentalize self-involved narcissistic Negro Spirituals as poetry. She just artistically irrelevant and that’s all.

  11. Sherry

    It was just reported that Ms. Angelou died this morning. May God bless her family and watch over them during this trying time.

  12. childofthesixties

    Just heard on the “Today Show” she has passed away, so sorry to hear this. I respected her a lot, she came thru some awful times but was determined to make a life for herself and her son. May she rest in peace, so deserving.

  13. SayWhat

    As an African proverb says, “Another tree has fallen”. I feel like I’ve lost a family member. This is a sad day for those who loved Maya. And, for the rest of the irrelevant few who fail to recognize Dr. Angelou’s worth, they’re pretty much brain dead anyway. RIP Maya.

  14. Ahmasi

    some voices death cannot silence; some words live on in a life of their own! Her voice reverberates in our collective memory; her words continue to inspire! Mama Angelou has transitioned; she will be with the Ancestors; we should rejoyce and celebrate her life, her wisdom, her humor, her wit, her sage advice, her beauty, her words! There will be none like her in our lifetime! I am honored to have been in a time with Maya! Go see Malcolm, Martin, Fanny Lou, Betty, Corretta; muse with Langston, James, Amiri and Zora! Your legacy has set the bar high but even if we fall, we will still rise; you taught us that and so much more! Rest now; you are Home!


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