This Domestic violence video will absolutely blow your mind



There is typically a great deal of talk about stopping domestic violence.  Our world and country don’t do the job  they should do, but efforts are increasing every day.  But do people also forget that men can be victims of violence too and that women are not always the victims when physical altercations take place.

An experiment was done in England, showing a couple getting into a physical fight.  In the first example, the man is clearly being abusive to the woman, putting his hands on her, threatening her and looking as though he was going to harm her in a serious way.

In the second experiment, the reverse occurs.  The woman is hitting the man, grabbing him by the hair and harming him physically.  The reactions by those watching these events take place are like night and day.  The video is such a wake up call on our reactions to violence that it received over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

It may give us all something to think about.

You can watch the video below.  It’s amazing.

Tell us, does this give you a new perspective on domestic violence?  If so, how?  What would you have done in this same situation?



  1. Tom Brechlin on

    A similar experiment was done in the US … same results. THANK YOU for posting this.

    Tom B

  2. The woman is always seen as defenseless but the man is supposed to be a man, his accepting the behavior is considered a sign of weakness.

  3. Too often, my male clients suffer the abuses, being slapped, cut and emotionally abused, at the hands of their mates/wife. Unfortunately, they are embarrassed to file the complaints. Sometimes the abuse causes them to lose their jobs and housing.
    I agree that violence is violence and all of it needs to stop. However, when a man is in an abusive relationship, he should seek restraining orders also.


      • No, you don’t even let a woman treat you like that? But what about a man? Hitting a woman shows weakness of a man. He can do just as Jay Z did with Beyoncé’s sister: protect himself and act like the stronger vessel. However, if a woman is about to do grave bodily injury to a man or to another woman, then a responsive blow is not unreasonable.

        But let lovers have their little spats, pushes, and shoves. It’s all be forgotten by morning.

  4. Christopher on

    What makes this issue true is that it is very often seen as the man that should be able to withstand and do something about it compared to a woman, however regardless of the difference the message is clearly the same, violence is violence.
    This message should be seen through our media more often because it doesn’t happen enough to reflect the statistics of the truth.

  5. Tom Brechlin on

    Does anyone know of a “battered men’s shelter in your area? Of course not because they are far and few. Some battered women’s shelters won’t even take boys after a certain age. I had a friend in Canada who ran the only men’s shelter. Due to lack of funding and despair,he shut it down and committed suicide. His name was Earl Silverman. You can find an article about him by just googling his name.

  6. This is such feminist BS—many men are abused as well—he touched her arm and right away she became loud and abusive because she knew it would draw a crowd and the man would automatically be the perp—–THEY KEEP FEEDING THIS BS TO US WHEN IN FACT IT’S NOT TRUE IN MANY INSTANCES—men go to jail on a daily baisis because of this crap because women use DV against them—-I have a friend in jail now because the woman lied and another who has to ttend classes and is on probation, paying fines because his woamn lied—-

  7. ahragon Morphious on

    Every man has the responsibility to be true to himself. If he is to survive in today’s world, he should understand the nature of a woman and be aware of her political attitude, her background relative to how she was raised as a child, who her parents are and what are her future aspirations for herself.

    These are just a few of the questions a man should ask prior to having a relationship with a woman, wither it be plutonic or romantic. He must understand just because a woman looks good does not mean she is good.

    More over, a man who fails to plan is a man who plans to fail; He must know himself spiritually. If he has no God, then he is going repeat the same error in seeking a liaison with the opposite sex.

  8. Tom Brechlin on

    FYI, in 2008 there were over 800,000 documented cases of men being assaulted by women. It IS feminist BS. When are men going top wake up and stop accepting this kind of behavior?

  9. Meanmcclean on

    They should do an experiment where the woman is verbally and physically abusing the guy but when she backs him in the corner he raises his hand to slap her and see what the reaction would be.

  10. I’ve personally lost my job wasn’t able to continue
    my schooling and was ridiculed for wanting to press charges even after one incident happen at the court house itself.
    The only response I got was think about her kids and I’m like so, even with physical,emotional,verbal abuse, slander, harassment, stalking and various other things already mentioned some not I’m suppose to think of her, but if I lain one finger on her in the wrong way I’d be the bad guy in jail instant charges my child taken away everything the only response I received is the system isn’t perfect. I feel that’s a bunch of B.S. The laws are laid out plain and simple so that only leaves the people interpretation of the laws case by case and comfortability in implementation depending on gender race ect. When does it change get better or Stop. P. S. I still have never put my hands on a woman and won’t but when will men get justice on when in the E.R. On deathbeds?

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  12. they should do one where the woman takes out a knife( retractable fake knife with blood in it) and stabs the man or a fake gun. see how people react to that situation.

  13. Domestic V is messed up and disturbing regardless of who is going through it. I have neighbors right now that give us a show almost every night and the whole neighborhood has become immune to it because it has become the norm for them. When someone tried to intervene they were made to look like a fool and their help was in vain, and this is the sad thing about DV people including the victim become immune.

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