What You Should Know About Straight Black Men And HIV


By David Bloodsaw

February 7th was National Black HIV/AIDS day and it’s important to tackle important issues with factual and helpful information to reduce misinformation concerning the virus.

Ebony.com reports African-Americans only make up 13% of the population, but account for half of new HIV infections yearly, which are disproportionately high and needs to be addressed. The dialogue is usually focused on men who have sex with men and heterosexual black woman, due to them having the highest rates in our community.


The risk factor for men contracting HIV from women is lower than women contracting it from men, but it’s not impossible. That’s partially due to other factors as all that make straight men vulnerable to HIV infection: High rates of undiagnosed and untreated STDs; disproportionate poverty and poor health; the complete disconnect that many Black men have with the health care system; IV drug use; and mass incarceration of Black men, which takes significant numbers of brothers out of the community, leaving the men on the outside to share the same female partners.

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  1. HIV/AIDS in the African-American community is fueled by intravenous drug use & not sexual behavior, so please stop the perpetuation of misleading, false & bigoted information. Also no one ever address the outlandish promiscuous behavior of Black Women with a small percentage of Black Men, which mimics the trend of single parent Births, a small minority of “Black Men” in the African-American community are fathering them

    • Exactly, the FACT is; black females are in larger % bisexuals- than black males, which means Black women are the ones running back and forth between male and female partners as promiscuous behavior patterns more so than black males…

      And what is a straight male?(smh) .. The correct term is HETEROSEXUAL male(s).

      And to Maurice; let me add this; no one is blaming anyone; the reality is just put the blame where it needs to be ON BOTH ENDS and not just upon black males as the rule of thumb in the black community, there’s no other community doin this blaming their community males.. WE need STOP blaming only BLACK males for the HIV/Aids in the black communities..which is a right out LIE to begin with..there’s females who don’t like the usage of condoms and some males don’t either or are allergic to condoms, SO if you want educate the masses.. let go with the idea of teaching those who can’t use condoms or allergic to condoms.. the idea is to educate there’s a condom suitable to every situation involving having sex..

    • Stop trying to blame this on black women, you black men sleeping with men and women is what the chief cause of it. Black women rates of HIV infection is on the decline is because more and more black women are marrying and dating out and not dealing with black men on that level.

  2. Al, HIV/AIDS in our community is fueled by ignorance like yours. As an HIV/AIDS prevention counselor, I’ve given positive test results to brothers with attitudes like yours more times than I’m happy with, and it will keep happening until we all wise up. Straight Black men are becoming infected in high numbers due to both injection drug use AND unprotected sexual contact. Infection by heterosexual contact is on the rise because folks don’t think it can happen to them. While non-white MSM (men who have sex with men) are rising in their infection rates, straight black men are at great risk and we need to act like it. Blaming women for the problem won’t change our risk. Consider this- if black women are becoming more promiscuous, who do you think they’re being promiscuous with? That would be US. Women get their own warnings and articles and literature and such directed at them, and rightfully so. This is about us, and we need to take our heads out of the sand and heed such warnings when we see them. We men need to man up, accept the fact that we ARE at risk even if we don’t do drugs and act accordingly. Instead of being angry and lashing out at others, we need to check ourselves and our behaviors. Condoms work- we need to use them if we’re going to be sexually active and encourage our brothers to stop hitting it raw and be smarter about our choices.

    • Maurice your either wrong, ignorant or a liar, the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the African-American Male population decreased with the use of intravenous drug use & has steadily decreased but increased among African-American Females. As an Law Enforcement Officer in the city of Chicago with who’s infection rate is only eclipsed by Atlanta I’ve seen it up close & personal “idiot”. Fastest rate of infection is by older educated Black Women & yes promiscuity is the Causation

  3. There is no such thing as a straight man with HIV/HPV/AIDS…its a catch 22! Tranny’s or transexuals are not women. If u r born with a penis and scrotum, then u r A MAN! Quit trying to confuse things. The reason why people are getting incurable diseases is because they’re not protecting themselves.

  4. Just another stat to tell US we are nothing!!! Why not do studies on EVERY BODY, you may be surprised because black men are not dating ONLY BLACK WOMEN EXCLUSIVELY, they are dating ALL RACES OF WOMEN!!!! This means it is EVERYONE’S PROBLEM, NOT JUST OURS!!!

  5. African-Americans need too do serious research and find out how the aids virus really got spread in the community. You are not going too get the answers from on source. Often times when serious things take place like the spreading of HIV/AIDS the truth is found in more that one source. We have too put the pieces together.

  6. I feel the same as I always have….people who are infected don’t walk around with some sort of indicator. So this conversation just goes where I take it, I do not involve myself with pre-marital, nothing to do with you….I am a true Christian, I have my heavenly father to answer to. I also have a teenage son…and by showing him what a good woman is though my actions and not what he sees….if a guy wants pursue me further, then it is time to get appointments to get an “Are you free from all known diseases and infections test……when the results are in I tell the young man that this is good that he has taken very good care of himself, but I still have someone other myself to answer to but if he would like to remain friends than that would be nice.

  7. people are worrying about everything allover the world, I just focus on god and what is god. people please learn to accept and move on with living. we are living in a random world. perhaps there’s no such things as coincident. im a straight men and not a risky lover with multiple partners, so catching hiv would be the lease of my worry, but if I ever was told by a doctor
    that I have hiv I would not start taking there cocktail aids drugs right away I would try to get the hiv out of my system first, in which I strongly believe would work. my belief is that people panic too easy as soon as the doctor tells them they have hiv I can guess almost immediately they would do anything to start taking the drug which I believe are what activate the virus and start aids which would be down hill from there. when one is too greedy and are selfish bad things happen to them, so if your one of those people you should have seen it coming, suck it up and get on with life if you live. consider god fully and your good to go, just do it. have a nice day.

  8. Dover Davis on

    How do you know that Black females are contracting any disease from black men?
    Why do you think that black men are the villans? Maybe they are the victims?

  9. Stop living with rose colored glasses. My uncle and my male cousin are dead from AIDS and neither used drugs at all. Both were bi-sexual/both had fathered children.

    Unless u and your partner attend a clinic TOGETHER for the HIV test and results, u don’t know what the hell is going on with their health.

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