‘Married to Medicine’ Star Slams Viewers For Not Embracing ‘Positive’ Black Women


“Married to Medicine” star Quad Webb has had enough of people complaining about the negative portrayal of Black women on reality television because she says they are the viewers who are supporting it.

There has been a lot of turmoil in the world of reality television lately.

From online petitions to Twitter protests, reality shows are being criticized for the way they portray the African-American community.

The debates have been firing off since shows like “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Love and Hip Hop” hit the air, but the discord became more intense after the networks began expanding the subject matter.

The focus of reality TV has grown from music stars and housewives, to honing in on the lives of doctors, journalists, single mothers, famous ex-wives and even Greek sororities.

Critics slammed “Married to Medicine” for portraying African-American women in the medical field in what they felt was a negative light.

The show features quite a few cat fights and drink tossing, expletive-filled arguments, and other drama-filled incidents between the women.

Now Webb is pointing the finger back at the viewers and it appears she may have a valid point.

The reality star says that when there is no drama on the show, viewers complain and ratings decline.

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  1. The message is no matter how much money black women have, they sure can act like fools. Money doesn’t buy class.

  2. Funny..my best homegirls and I have NOT had any knock down..throwing drinks..calling each other B’s/hoes/MF’s fights at all! We are doctors/chefs/managers/IT designers/counselors..if there is an issue we talk things out!
    This show..Kartrashians..Duck clowns..Housepeople are pretty stupid! The women on “Medicine” are probably pretty nice women..this show, nor any other of these shows are good for any of their images!
    But..they are getting paid! So what!!!

  3. You have got to be kidding me. There is NOTHING positive about these particular Black women. How many doctors have you seen in the middle of the street arguing about another woman’s husband? Or weave pulling by the swimming pool? I honestly think these women are “affirmative action” doctors.

    • I wouldn’t have any of those doctors from that show lay

      a glove on me. If this is how they behave publically, I can only imagine how they behave professionally. Secondly, where do they get the time for all of this bafoonery? Too much time on their hands I guess…

  4. Quad your husband read you about your doggy couture business. He said your weren’t raised in this pseudo life you are betraying. Please understand we know women like you that have insecurities and supposedly your secure self need all the material things make you feel whole.

  5. Arealclassact on

    I will be so glad when this ignorant show is taken off the air along with the other so called reality shows portraying black women in this manner.
    No matter what socioeconomic levels, there are ignorant people but I would much rather not see our people for the portrayed in this negative light.
    It is obvious to me that while these women may have acquired so financial success they have no idea what real success is,
    In their case I would say, “You can take the hoodrats out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out of the hood-rats”

  6. I've Been Around on

    Quad has a valid point.

    I have appeared on national network television (not on this show and not on BRAVO) and been casted to appear in various reality tv and talk shows and know first hand that nothing drives viewership more than drama. (Except maybe sex and violence). Even the news! Several producers I’ve known are pressured to keep shows interesting–as well as the stars/cast members–to play up on drama. Moreover they’ll edit and splice HOURS of tape to make things juicy. So (for example) the season might be 95% friendly and 5% drama but given the limited air times, the editing team can easily make it seem as though the numbers are flipped.

    What most people simply don’t understand is that THE AUDIENCE dictates what airs. No one else. The networks just respond in kind. If people didn’t want the producers to air the fights and such, all people have to do is not watch. If that happened, the advertisers would pull their commercials, meaning the networks would make less money. Then they would have to cancel the show or skew the types of clips that make it on air.

    Final point–I filmed about an hour and a half on major television. And only about 30min made it on air. The editing the fabulous and they made it way more juicy than it was. The show even egged on the cast a bit. If we are really honest, most of the “GOOD” black shows have been cancelled for lack of viewership/support.

  7. JoAnn Gamble on

    You’ve said a mouth full, it is embarrassing and not worth watching the women because I can’t call them ladies maybe one out of the bunch ( Lisa Nicole ) the rest feature black women with low morals,foolish attention getters. As much as. I want to see and support our black society this is not the way.

  8. Lucretia Brown on

    Positive foot. There is NOTHING positive about this show. All y’all do is slam each other,fight and curse each other out.I think you women are a poor excuse for being a role model. I wouldn’t want my dog to watch this show. Grow up ladies.

  9. This show is just the Housewives of Atlanta with medical degrees! It’s getting so that any show coming out of Atlanta is of pure ignorance and embarrassment to all black people.

  10. Well you no money doesn’t by class. I been friends with my sista girls for over 40 yrs. To this date we have never called each other B’s or mofos, We have had disagreements, but NEVER to the point the way these these women treat each other. Money does pay for them to act ignorant as they do. I guess it’s not personal it’s business. Thanks Married to Medicine women for being the best you all can be, ignorant and classless as hell.

  11. I enjoyed this past week’s episode of Married to Doctors that featured the couple’s retreat. I think it was one of the best or best episodes yet simply because they dealt with a lot of issues in they personal lives that affect so many of us today. I was especially proud of Dr Jackie and husband how they calmly resolved their issues.

  12. First of all, I feel there are FAR TOO MANY reality shows, but to say that if there is no cat fighting, we complain, that may be true for some. However, there can be drama without the name-calling, weave pulling and fighting. What ever happened to talking things out? And what are we teaching our children by behaving this way? Come on women!…Behave like a “LADY” and stop playing ignorant for the ignorant!

  13. Reality shows aren’t about anyone’s reality, these women have no shame or morals or anything virtuous except they think making money is the virtue – Trash!! – that’s what I see when I turn on these-non-reality shows – they don’t represent any hard working, everyday living Black women. they’re trashy and paid and that’s all They care about, I wish that no one would watch these shows. They definitely send the wrong messages. Our children & young ladies and gentlemen need role models – ever heard the words – I’m ashamed to hear ppl talk about these shows and I would never ever turn my tv to any of them. I’ve caught ending waiting for something else and it’s appalling that Black Women could act so badly – I bet Michelle Obama never watches either – Ladies of Morals Would Not Watch Such Garbage…

  14. Mz Observant on

    I agree with most here when you say; don’t watch and the show will be taken off the air. I also agree that if there is no drama, people won’t watch. Also, these producers and whatnot have no REAL imagination to air anything of substance.
    Just look at the movies they are putting out. Either remakes over and over and/or dangerously violent movies. I would like to go to the movies sometimes and watch something that is not going to make me leave before the movie is over.
    They have exhausted all of their skills to provide quality programs. Yet then again they are a “supply and demand business”. If we stop watching these shows it affects their bottom line. What can they do if people decide to stop watching? Oh well, I guess they’ll cancel that show and move on to the next show featuring the ratched to the ridiculous. It’s a sad state of affairs what tv has become. If those responsible for inventing the boob tube were around, they would certainly “pull the plug!”

  15. The women on this program may be educated but they are not wise. They do not represent positive images of women black or white. They are all phonies, including the ones that are doctors. This doggie couture is really silly especially coming from a woman who grew up poor.

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