Plastic surgeon gave his wife several surgeries so she would look acceptable to him


Reported by Liku Zelleke

Every man has an opinion as to what extents he would go to find the perfect woman. But, what would you do if you didn’t find that perfect woman? If it were all up to Dr. David Matlock, a plastic surgeon, he’d probably say something like, “If you can’t find her … build her.”

He met his wife, Veronica, in 2007 when she came into his office to seek a medical procedure known as vaginoplasty after she had given birth to her daughter, Isabella. She was also 40 lbs heavier.

“I couldn’t even look into his eyes because of the reason I was there. I was so shy and bashful, but he says it was love at first sight,” Veronica said of their first meeting.

Dr. Matlock suggested that apart from her “designer v@gina” surgery she should also undergo a “Wonder Woman Makeover” that involved liposuction of the chin, arms and legs and also a Brazilian butt lift.

Dr. Matlock asked her out on a date and proposed to her. He has been sculpting her ever since. Apart from the surgeries that were first proposed, she has undergone v@ginal rejuvenation, labiaplasty and G-spot shot.

She says, “I feel like I’m a walking advertisement for him … I know that David loves me for who I am … [but]there’s a fat clause there.”

The Dr. too has been under the knife himself. He has undergone a fat implant technique called Vaser High Def Liposculpting, which he invented.

Dr. Matlock is a plastic surgeon whose career has been marked with extreme zeniths and nadirs. He has been accredited with a couple of revolutionary techniques in plastic surgery. But, he has also been involved in 10 lawsuits in as many years. At one time he was disciplined by the Medical Board of California for negligence, fraud and dishonesty. He later settled with the board and was put on probation for four years.

Meanwhile, 9-year-old Isabella has a thought of her own about her parents love for cosmetic surgery. She said, “I would never really want to get surgery, because it is not really you. Like, I want to be myself.”


  1. Love the line that “he loves her for ‘her.'” Oh give me a break. If he truly loved her for who she was, she never would have had to go under the knife in the first place.

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