Many White Patients Don’t Want Black Nurses or Doctors


When African-American nurse Tonya Battle of the Hurley Medical Center (NICU) in Michigan was reassigned because a white father didn’t want her anywhere near his newborn child, she was floored. The racist father had made the request after showing the charge nurse a picture of his swastika tattoo. As it turns out, however, Battle is not alone in being discriminated against in this way.

In Battle’s 2012 case, a staff meeting ended with the hospital indulging the racist father and not allowing African-American nurses near the infant. According to Al Jazeera there was even a note posted to alert staffers: “NO AFRICAN AMERICAN NURSE TO TAKE CARE OF BABY.”

Battle later sued Hurley Medical Center for employment discrimination and settled out of court, but this sort of discrimination is far more common than most people think.

“I think it happens a lot,” Julie Gafkay, Battle’s attorney, told Al Jazeera. “I have 20 plaintiffs in the last year who have been subjected to this type of discrimination.”

Another case involved an African-American nurse who was wrongly fired because a white patient did not want any African-Americans caring for him.

In a 2012 study, Kimani Paul-Emile, a professor of law and biomedical ethics at Fordham University, wrote “patients routinely refuse or demand medical treatment based on the assigned physician’s racial identity, and hospitals typically yield to patients’ racial preferences.”

Since patients know it’s politically incorrect to be overtly racist, they often make up reasons for getting rid of their black health care providers.

“They come up with different ways to do it. I talked to this one doctor who said there are these older ladies who will say, ‘You know, I want a Jewish doctor, I just think a Jewish doctor is better,” wrote Paul-Emile.

Dr. Meghan Lane-Fall, who is African-American, says the bias impacts black doctors as well as nurses.

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  1. Just another instance of the millions of cases where many, many vast majority members participate in the systemic and institutionalized racism that is enormously prevalent in America.

    • Could not have stated it any better.. This is the privilege we, as African American’s speak of. Whites perpetuate their “false superiority and our “created” inferiority”. They institutionalize it and then expect us to accept our place in it. When we push back and call it what it is “RACIST”, they say we are too sensitive and that we are playing the “race card”. We don’t have “A” card to play, we have the whole deck!

    • Gloria Mcmillian on

      Why can’t people have their choice? If you see a doctor you choose who to see. So your saying people should have no choice, just someone else tells them who to see? A would never see a black doctor and that is my choice. I have a mixed neice and she won’t see a white doctor and that is her choice. Get over yorselves you fools. Force yourself on a person and you will find yourself in a lawsuit.


    No one wants a black doctor because we black people are scary and ignorant.

    1. Black employees sue the Illinois crime lab because the whites say black lab employees are not smart enough to solve crimes so the whites don’t give them the work.

    2. America believe the Joan Monet Ramsey case could have been solved had the black lead detective been smart enough not to let the dead child’s parents lawyer up.

    3. America feel lives could have been saved if the black sheriff was smart enough to have caught the Virgina snipers. The whites were pissed that they had to suffer the embarrassment of having a black sheriff that could not put the clues together.

    4. On the the first 48 they had to get away from profiling the black detectives because they could not solve the crimes unless someone actually told them who did it or confessed so they promoted all the blacks detectives to Sargent and got rid of them.

    5. Black detectives in Robbins lacking the intelligence to pursue justice for the sisters raped put the rape kits on a shelf and let the statue of limitations run out and now the rapists are free and clear to rape again.

    If African Americans continue to chase racism as the culprit of our condition and deny the power in the strategy of maintaining a strong image of intellectual perception, then the reckless and willful maltreatment of African Americans in the 21st century will increase to a level of insensitivity unimaginable.

    If African Americans are so self-willed and concrete determined that what people think and say about you doesn’t matter then you will spend your life at war. You will not survive because African American perception of African Americans being intellectually inferior is not confined to only white America. It is a global perception as well.

    The global perception of African Americans as not being intelligent is what matters. If we want to live in and beyond the 21st first century we have to, and we must maintain a strong image and intellectual presence.

    For African Americans to live in relative peace in the 21st century then believe Enoch Mubarak when I tell you to, forget about racism. Racism is dead. The game of the 21st century centers around: Intelligence, Perception and Association.

    Black people stop being scary and take your heart and mind out of the civil rights era and face the fact that the 21st century for African Americans requires a strong image and a global intellectual presence. Intelligence, perception and association is the only way to negotiate our existence in and beyond the 21st century.

    Black people only think it is racist because we are living in someone else house unable to care and provide for ourselves but if we could sustain our own existence then who cares if we like chicken, watermelon or pork.

    No one makes fun of Indians for liking curry or Spanish for liking re-fried beans or the Chinese for eating exotic foods because they take care of themselves but black people eat and are fed from white Americas hands and table so of course they will joke, ridicule or admonish what we eat and drink.

    Black people take care of our selves and no one will have anything to say about what we enjoy eating but no way can you be a man and expect respect living in your mothers house.

      • As a Black physician, I ask you what have you done. I’ve worked with stupid people of every race. Stupid is not confined to Black people. Only Black people love to denigrate their own. I just finished law school too. What have you accomplished? How in the heck can Black folk take care of themselves when men that look like you would rather take care of anything and everything that is not Black?


        • E. Jacqueline Irons on

          Oh, I tell you, you are so right. I’ve worked with so many non-black people and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing. I was so stunned in a way that I wanted to say is this the real world? I thought white people were so smart and intelligent. Ohhhhhh, what a shock it was for me as I entered the work force.

        • there are plenty of exceptional black minds of there unfortunately the news and media outlets only show the ignorant ones on a loop. question ? through black ingenuity america stayed on top throughout the world now that young black minds are not being cultivated in most schools america has fallen behind other nations. think of how many things were created or come from the minds of great black men only to be stolen and trademarked or patented by some white guy with government backing.

        • Very well said. He is either an uneducated uncle Tom moron, or a wood. He can’t answer you because he has not accomplished a damn thing worth noting. lol. He is just a waste. Only an ignorant fool would make such an idiotic statement as his.

        • I agree with everything you have said, but as you know some people just like to talk without facts. I think when you are sick you need people who will show compassion and take good care of you. It should not at all be about color it should be how the person take care of you. Show love respect and know their job.

    • Perfectly stated. Unfortunately your words will for the most part fall on deaf ears. Many blacks, particularly among the underclass believe that they can act like barbaric thugs, constantly go off on people for any little reason, act ignorant and the world is supposed to accept them and respect and if they don’t they’re racist. Most people have a negative perception of blacks because far too many embrace underclass values rather than the middle class values you need in order to succeed in a Western society. Your behavior influences how people treat and perceive you. As you mentioned, far too many blacks act like ignorant fools (again due to underclass values) and therefore the perception of blacks is that we are ignorant fools and we are treated accordingly.

      • Doctors and nurses are not members of “the under class”! They probably have more education than their patients. Whites have to learn to discriminate in the differences of Black people. Like we have to know decent white people from racists. This is only an excuse to perpetuate white hate. I thought white people had matured emotionally by 2014! I guess we got to give whites another 100 years! or 200! ……. who knows when if ever.

      • You are a perfect puppet for the media. You probably don’t know many blacks. You see things on tv and BAM it’s reality. Even heads of the media admit that they go way beyond the limits in showing blacks on the news. Officers have admitted that many whites and others commit crimes that never reach the news. You idiots rather jail a young black thug that steals 2000 bucks and let the billionaires who robs the world every minute go. Nobody can even come close to the crimes committed by whites,but it’s more acceptable in a tie?

      • Look at how they treat the president, he doesn’t act like an ignorant under classed fool. They call him all of the same names and paint the same negatives stereotypes of him as they do for the rest of us. When a white person does something negative, white people are very quick to say, ” We’re not all like that”, Don’t judge all of us by the actions of a few people”. But yet when a black person does something negative then all of us are the exact same way. When we get to the point where we can take care of ourselves, as a community like the Asian and the Jews, the racism will still be there but we’ll find ourselves less consumed by it all.

    • Your self hatred is apparentl. Other races do not experience discrimination and then the slippery slope the reason blacks experience racism is because all black people are not self sufficient. Insidious. FYI in the USA we can have our preference however when an organization supports a preference that creates a disparity the organization is liable. Just because they sued does not mean they cared about taking care of someone who did not want their help. Thank God they didn’t have your logic for you justify hate excuse it and place blame on the injured. Notice I did not say victim.

      • Unfortunately, nothing you said made any sense and you proved Enoch Mubarack’s point without even realizing it ( a point you clearly are incapable of comprehending). However, that is to be expected from a member of the black underclass. Of course a member of the black underclass would believe that advocating that black people hold each other to a higher standard is ‘self-hating.’ Your name-calling has absolutely no impact on me. You couldn’t possibly change my mind.

    • Strong&Intellectual on

      I’m not sure if you “Enoch Mubarak” are of African descent or faking, but you sound like Sambo’s that tried to deter slaves from escaping there kidnapping during slavery. I would inform you that there are many more strong, intelligent, African’s of America who do not follow your week rant. You’re too scared for me to even try to enlighten. I just wait for people like you and other haters of the original people of the World to drop dead.

      • Absolutely! This is a sad brother, to lump us all into the same category, because of the long lasting effects of slavery, Jim Crow, and continued racial hatred, doesn’t know his history. I guess the President is also a member of this underclass!

    • your so right however there is rasicm, its not dead by a long shot.. however like you said we do nothing about it, and we let it affect our psychi but i totally agree with you. oh yea i live in robbins and that was a total disaster and embarrassing. we mean nothing to other nationalities and most of all, ourselves and its a pitiful shame”

    • I whole heartedly agree that we need to invest in ouselves and our communities…
      I also feel that our motivation for those investments should be survival and not impressing “massa”. Black people are not the only people that have been brainwashed. There are many representations of productive african americans who are intelligent, powerful, successful, wealthy, in healthy relationships, raising good children, empowering others and giving back. To look at a few examples that are televised and assume that ALL black people behave this way is what is ignorant! I dont hear stories of serial killers, pedophiles, parents leaving their babies in hot cars, or CEOs taking peoples hard earned money and assume that ALL white people behave this way.

      I was not raised to fall in love with every white person that has something to offer, but I was also not raised to hate them either. I was raised to be mindful of the fact that the mere color of my skin could have a great impact on circumstances and consequences in my life. It is my responsibility to not compromise my values for material gain. This society is willing to sell their soul for a dollar and that is exactly what we get in the end…$1

    • Enoch Mubarak said

      No one makes fun of Indians for liking curry or Spanish for liking re-fried beans or the Chinese for eating exotic foods because they take care of themselves but black people eat and are fed from white Americas hands and table so of course they will joke, ridicule or admonish what we eat and drink.

      Nothing but the truth.

    • I see where you are “trying” to go with this but I can’t go all the way with you. First, this country is “NOT” THEIR HOUSE!!!!! My forbears and yours built it and the blood of our people RUNS DEEP IN IT’S SOIL. Much of this country was built off of the blood, sweat and tears of “MY” people and I will NOT disrespect them by continuing to let white america think it BELONGS TO THEM and perpetuate the LIE! ONE of our jobs is to teach ourselves and our children the TRUTH of our HISTORY. We must learn not the fear TRUTH but to speak TRUTH to POWER ALWAYS! If we knew only half of what our people have accomplished, OUR TRUE HISTORY, we would never accept second place to “ANYONE”!!!!!

      Your words express deep hurt and I DO understand but that is NOT a solution. There are efforts across the country to empower our people, economically, socially and politically, Yes, we need to do MORE, MUCH MORE. We’ve got slingshots and they are giants, but I would ask that you only remember DAVID.

    • You are so full of it, it is coming out your ears! I seriously doubt you are black. Seriously doubt that. And if you are, you need some serious help, because your one sorry excuse for a black person and rven if you are not black , which i am sure is the case, you really need help.

    • Wow did u learn all this in school? lmfao!!! On the play ground? on the monkey bars? lmfao! The only ignorant one is your self hating monkey ass! And i know you are white. A confused white Albino.

  3. Some people are so ignorant that they would rather die than have a Black Doctor or Nurse assist them in their medical needs.

    It is so funny driving behind a vehicle that says Mitt Romney and NoBama…Well, guess what there is NoRomey and there is a President by the name of Barrack Obama.

    I sometimes want to see the face of the individual with this outdated sign on their vehicle as if President Obama was still running. Well, it usually appears to be some very hateful face that I would never want to wait on me if I were in a situation waiting for medical care

  4. The article is true. I work in healthcare. Ask a black person if they want a black doctor. They will say no. That is part of the brainwash, to get our people to be anti themselves and it has worked for 400 years.

  5. Not this white man. My doctor is Ugandan by birth and he was my mother’s doctor too. He and his Trinidadian wife are like family. I would do anything for them and they have always been there to help me and my family. We must try not to dwell too much on the ignorant and hateful racists of this world. They are not worth our time or our energy.

    • Victor Spinks on

      Just curious, your Ugandan born doctor and his wife: are they black Ugandan and Trinidadian, or of Indian descent. I ask, because there is a difference in the perception of the two races, even in the medical field. Just wondering.

  6. Strange and ironic as it turned out, Obama’s Cabinet is over 90% Caucasian even though African-American constitutes over 30% of the population and voted overwhelmingly (over 90%) for him. Besides, none of his two appointees to the supreme court is African-American given the fact that African-American has no representation on that court.

      • E. Jacqueline Irons on

        But you see how he tries his best not to bend toward blacks too much? I believe that is the only thing the GOP and their Motley crew doesn’t complain about. But he has his friends.

    • E. Jacqueline Irons on

      The 90% were leftovers! He had to appoint them to his cabinet. Even though Thomas was lying before his appointment to the Supreme Court, I’m glad he got in, so one black is enough and one Latina since there are only nine?

    • I know you’re not African American because all African Americans know that we account for only 13% of the total U.S population. Also the 90% is the percentage of the African American who actually voted in the election and not 90% of the total population of African Americans in the U.S.

  7. ‘Intelligence, perception and association is the only way to negotiate our existence in and beyond the 21st century.”
    I would like to remind that person of the recent promotion of the first woman of color to be given the
    rank of FOUR STARS in the navy. The comments were, Affirmative action or use of her body to get promoted.
    It will not matter about our Intelligence, perception and association. Most people of color know they have to
    be TWICE AS GOOD, JUST TO BE CONSIDERED AS EQUAL. This mind set against people of color has
    become part of their DNA. They are born with it. There is nothing we can do to change this. You can not change
    a Zebra’s stripes. So strive to be the best of what ever you do. Don’t care about what they think or feel.
    Intelligence, perception and association is good but mastery of them is better.

  8. Enoch Mujkbarak- you touched on the truth. I know that you have to be intelligent and not feed into the BS. We keep on trying as a race to challenge the stereotypes that are put upon us, but in reality, since we don’t stick together and handle business, we are getting put down, globally. When you’re Black, you HAVE to be smarter, work harder, and be above reproach. People WILL respect that. I have had Black doctors who weren’t on point, Black nurses who were lazy, and I have seen Black police who were ignorant, unintelligent, as well as lazy. I’ve had Black teachers who could have used a remedial course in the basics, and just seen some real ignorant behavior from so-called “professionals”. Then you have some who actually break through the barriers, and throw it away for criminal behavior. Look at Marion Berry, Jesse Jackson, Jr., or Ray Nagin, prime examples of ignorant and stupid behavior that ruined them, and made opinion of us look warranted! We have to educate ourselves and use the tools that ARE there, we HAVE to make ourselves live up to higher standards, hold each other accountable, and STOP BLAMING the white man. People want to deny the fact that we brainwashed ourselves from into looking into the real problem with black people, and it’s NOT only whites, but the ignorant amongst us: the one who spend money they can ill afford to buy sneakers, clothes, and rims, who pay Rent a Center and Aarons for TVS to lay out a project, who rent substandard housing, who work but live in the projects, who don’t know how to read, write or speak, who don’t vote, who don’t think and who don’t feel, who sell drugs to kids and their own family members, who prostitute themselves, who are LYING to themselves and are falling for the lies. Going to the club and getting high, and then posting that bs on Fakebook and Twit-ter are just reinforcing the negative image that those who have worked hard to achieve something positive, it just gets erased! The NEGATIVE those fools do will be OVERSHADOWED if we BECOME BETTER, SMARTER, and we need to hold each other accountable for the bs. I have walked away from people who I see are falling into the trap, and didn’t want to catch themselves, because you CAN’T save EVERYONE. People need to wake the hell up and be based in reality: THE WORLD THINKS WE’RE IGNORANT, BECAUSE MANY OF US ARE. The ignorant give up easily, are easily discouraged, waiting for a handout, and those who have money and influence turn their backs because its sickening to have to KEEP propping someone else up while bearing your own burdens, too. I help those who WANT to make it. I see too many people make excuses and want pity, but I tell it like it IS.

    • You told a whole lot of truth in your post. You gave a very accurate description of the black underclass and their warped values and despicable behavior. One thing you said that really stood out to me is that we need to hold each other accountable for bad behavior and poor choices rather than constantly making excuses. You teach people how to treat you, when you act like an ignorant fool people will treat you like one.

  9. Rev. George Brooks on

    And as a black man, 76 years of age, I have always sought out BLACK doctors for more than white ones. Especially if the illness is of a serious nature, because I do not trust white doctors being truly equal in their care and concern for my health. And know of many cases in which white doctors are not as caring for blacks as they do for their white patients. Why, in this racist country, ANY black person should be fully aware of this, just as I am. I just recently had a white surgeon actually tell me, after we had a disagreement on a matter having to do with religion, that he just might make a mistake during the operation on me. Whom I dropped immediately, and ordered him out of my hospital room in Murfreesboro, TN., and I’m still fighting this case. The white doctor’s name is Wayne Westmoreland. So beware of him, if you are a black patient. And all during my life, even having lived in various cities all across the nation, most of my doctors have been, and still are, Meharry and Howard University doctors, and dentists. And the cities include Murfreesboro, TN. Nashville, Cincinnati, Washington, New York, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Clarksville, TN. The latter in which I grew up. — Rev. George Brooks

  10. I bet you if Whites didn’t have a choice in a urgent matter, I bet their asses wouldn’t give a damn if the doctor was transparent, they looking for a rapid response and get immediate care, the hell outta here with the ignorance!

  11. years ago back in the late early 1990’s there was a TV show on NBC called Nurses. It was a Spin Off of the the show Empty Nest. I was a kid maybe still in grade school maybe jr high so it’s a bit fuzzy. I recall one episode that has stuck with me to this day. Arnetia Walker played Nurse Annie (I think that was her name). There was a white klansman or something and he didn’t want Nurse Annie anywhere near him. Well he passed out and she saved his life when he regained consciousness, he was told of the event and said he would have rather died than to have her help him. So there is nothing new under the sun, everything has happened before and it will again.This is a sad story sad state of affairs the world is in. Attitudes of people don’t change all that much.

  12. Mike C. Okereke on

    The medical community should be a bulwark to racism. It should not allow racism, or anything remotely close to it to infiltrate it’s walls. By the medical community acquiescing to a patient’s choice of doctor/nurse is helping to fan the burning flames of racism. Not only that, such act is as coarse as it is idiotic. This is why: Two doctors, one White, the other Black go to the same medical school, say, graduate at the same time, did their internships and all, went through the appropriate screening process before practicing. It will be sheer idiocy to think, or conclude that one is better than the other. For hospital administrators to not realize this, is the height of simple mindedness, and lack of discernability. For any patient to claim that he/she has a right to a particular medical practitioner is, in essence, drawing a line. It should be disallowed. The medical community should, and ought to have the nerves to tell a choosy patient that all their medical staff are competent, and that no one is better than the other. .If that means the patient dying, so be it. Sometimes something as drastic as that needs to happen in other to get a salient message across. The patient died out of stupidity, not sickness. If the patient really needs care, he/she should be less conscious of the individual treating him.
    If such position is taken by hospital administrators, this monster which we collectively call “racism” would self-destruct.
    The freedom to be stupid should be disallowed. Such freedom helps to breed evil in a civilized society.

    • Gloria Mcmillian on

      So the most provate of all a persons health and you want to mentally abuse them by sitting on them forcing them to accept care from a oerson they don’t want? So your ok with them sueing you later for if nothing else mental anguish? You areva dumb butt. I think I have heard it all and then stupid shows up. Do you want to be accused of rape or something? Do you like hearing a person as you are treating them call you every name but human? Reality is difgicult I know sweetie but not everyone is going to love you and want you to touch them. Move on with your big girl panties on.

  13. Adrea Adams on

    It is not terribly uncommon to prefer certain services from another of one’s own race; strictly from a surface appearance of having commonality. There are tidbits in many of the comments that I agree with, but categorically, African American physicians are no less competent than those of any other ethnicity. I wish there were more African Americans (AA) pursuing medicine as a career. I receive my primary care at University of California San Francisco (UCSF) and over a course of three years have yet to see one AA doctor in the halls. I saw the face of one in a UCSF sponsored ophthalmology periodical and that has been it. It is very disheartening. I inquired about this of an AA receptionist and she informed me that the primary reason is the expense factor associated tuition. Intelligence levels are not factors.// The subject topic was explosively dealt with in the 1950s film “No Way Out” starring Sidney Poitier and Richard Widmark- As one commentator noted, this kind of behavior has been around for many, many years and cannot be legislated away.// As a young executive right out of college in the late 1970s, I was the first AA hired as a Claims Adjuster Trainee. The insured in one minor collision brought his repair estimate in and when he saw me he immediately asked to have someone else (white) handle his claim to conclusion; so we as a society have not progressed that much in nearly 30 years forward. // I too have educated myself with attainment of two college degrees and beyond; knowing I have done my part to perpetuate more positive imagery in my community, and globally because of whom I align myself with. That’s really all any of us can do; arm yourself with knowledge, go forth, and do well in life’s journey.

  14. How crazy. I just want a doctor who is competent. I’ve had doctors Caucasin, African American, Asian, and even Latino. I have fired Caucasin doctors as well as all the rest. My goal is to stick with a doctor who knows his field and has my best interest at heart. Anything else is suicide by bad doctor.

    • I have had the experience of a African American female doctor who found that I had Barretts disease with a biopsy. Only to to be sent to a male Caucasian doctor who confirmed it wasn’t Barretts by not doing any testing on me. I trusted the female doctor as she did the actual testing and getting the facts. I left their practice because of the inept male doctor. I miss the doctor who found my problems with the actual testing.



  16. I’m black and proud, but after having a bad experience with an African (motherland) doctor, I prefer not to be seen by them or nurses of that culture. I currently have Indian doctors or AA doctors but I’m just not comfortable because of the actions of one.

    • E. Jacqueline Irons on

      Motherland doctors or Indian doctors are not trained in the U.S. It’s a different culture altogether. But today, many are learned in the U.S. and its a pleasure to see that they know our ways in medicine.

  17. The story comes from Al Jazeera, a middle eastern media outlet who’s whole purpose is to cause decent in America. (A Wolf n Sheep’s clothing). Trust them at your peril!

    They understand a certain large percentage of our population believe what they hear without question, research or investigation!

    Beware of false witness.

  18. E. Jacqueline Irons on

    Another thing, when there were conjoined twins, no one at John Hopkins Hospital wanted to separate them, but a black doctor named, Dr. Ben Carson who performed the successful surgery. Also, when I was in the emergency room at a prominent hospital, they were waiting for a particular doctor, but couldn’t wait any longer and a black doctor was called in to reconstruct a lawn mower’s hand that got stuck in the motor and was in shreds. The family was so happy, and so thankful and hopeful and all was well.

  19. E. Jacqueline Irons on

    Last thing, people who are hard core racists don’t want to accept intelligence from black people; they feel so above them that they will not apply their liking to their professionalism, no matter who they are or what they do. Black people work so hard for their medical degrees as any other race of people, but it’s a cultural disease they have of “Your highness.”

  20. Thank U Darling. Jacqueline, these Racist are always curious about what’s reported to our community and what our educated views of them are. Anatasia is a idiot He/She Devil is just pissed because we tell it like it is, based on facts not hatred. That fool is the type that would deny racism or slavery ever existed!!!

  21. William Leonard on

    It’s best she take them to court so she can get paid. I know it’s still going on today. Get enough so you can for your training in medical school.

  22. Lasting Peltier on

    …and the Red People who were here first, don’t care what the “pale-faces” think, so why should we? They are illegally harbored here on this continent, exiled from Europe. Whatever whites don’t like here, go home–that’s from the Indigenous People.

  23. I say let their evil asses take care of themselves. Good thing they weren’t the people that had those kids that doctor Ben Carson took apart when no one else could or the guy that had the first open heart surgery. Those doctors were/are black. My wife is a nurse and we laughed daily when she was at a nursing homes how white folks would assume she was the CNA when she clearly had RN on her shirt. 🙂 It’s ignorance. I don’t know why Blacks get upset. My thing is they are ignorant. If you only knew how many white folks skate through nursing school. I prefer the doctor or nurse be black because I know from experience what they go through to get through school. Grades aren’t enough. You have to have will power to get through. with the things they subject you to. All these black folks that love white folks?….you will soon find out the hard way…many of them are ignorant and don’t know their head from their @$$. I say let them get the ignorant white nurses and doctors to take care of their little evil ass children. The educated black ones can take care of us….I don’t trust their asses anyway especially when they are “giving” flu shots and shit away for free? When have you ever known anyone white to give anything but a hard time. Free and white folks don’t even go in the same sentence so you know something is up. If you don’t believe that…go look up the Tuskegee experiment.

  24. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times from the time I was a child until this very day: \I don’t want no Black doctor, lawyer, insurance man, plumber, electrician\, etc., etc., etc.! And I heard this from Black folk! Not only do White folk think that Black folk don’t measure up, a lot of Black folk don’t think that other Black folk are good enough either, unless they are performing services for free.

    Most ethnic groups would prefer that their own people take care of their needs or that one of their people was monitoring the situation. Many Black people want any face smiling, except a Black face, too!

    I love my Harvard educated Black physician. He’s not God, as no doctor is. I’ve been more dissatisfied with care by doctors from other racial groups than I have those from my own Black race. There’s just an air of trust among folk who speak the same way, have similar family backgrounds, and look the same way.

    However, if someone goes to any institution that serves the general public and accepts taxpayers’ money, then we cannot arbitrarily select who will be next in line to serve us. So long as they are licensed and professional, our biases must behave and accept that for which we are unable to pay: private, exclusive, and preferential service.

    Many White folk avoid Black doctors and other business and professional people, because Whites don’t think that Black folk are as smart as White folk, although they attend some of the same schools and pass the same qualifying exams. Unfortunately, too many Black folk buy into this stupidity as well.

    • Gloria Mcmillian on

      And when forced when already ill to have a race different on you and you become more ill or traumatized who do you sue? If you call the black doctor every name but human and spit on them and he still forces himself onto the patient? When people are ill and make a request of race why would you refuse to accommadate. Are you too narcisstic to think of their needs first? After all they are the ill one. A patient can and have gotten up and left the hospital and gone to another if told they have no choice in their care. Seems to me a shocked and oh so hurt my feelings mentality is ridiculous compared to the health and well being of a sick person. The black or white person is a customer service worker not the victim. Pull up big girl panties and move on. Hold your head up and stop whining.

  25. I have also seen the very light skinned or high yellow African Americans form Louisiana not wanting dark completed nursing staff working with them.

  26. Gloria Mcmillian on

    I know a black doctor who would never consider a white nurse in his office. He has many elderly black females who would be traumatized by a young white chick caring for them. Once an elderly black woman said as a young girl she cared for white women in a retirement community. Cleaning and such for them and she was talked down too very badly. She wanted nothing to do with white women ever again.

  27. I don’t consider myself a racist, and I would be happy to have a black doctor or nurse take care of me, if I thought that they as an individual were competent. But I can understand how people can draw the conclusions that they do based on observations. I have had to take my mother to the hospital a few times and I’ve noticed that most of the black nurses seem to have bad attitudes and don’t give a crap about the patients.

    And that thing about Jewish doctors being better? That’s not racism, that’s just true. 😉

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