Adorable: 2-year old amputee learns to walk and repeats “I got it!”


This video will remind you that when you think you can’t do something, you should probably reconsider.  This two-year old’s bravery has set the Internet on fire and inspired millions of people already.  It also shows that human beings are impressively adaptable and have potential beyond our wildest imagination.  Read more: 

A video that features an adorable, determined 2-year-old amputee taking his first steps is being widely shared on social media on Monday.

The video shows 2-year-old Kayden Elijah learning to walk. Throughout the video, Kayden repeatedly tells himself “I got it! I got it!”

The video was originally shared on Facebook and YouTube by his mother, Nikki Kinko Sessoms of Englewood, N.J.

Kayden Elijah was born with an Omphalocele, a birth defect in which the infant’s intestine or other abdominal organs stick out of the navel, his mother writes on his GoFundMe page. Kayden also had a band wrap around his legs and feet while he was in the womb, leading to some deformities.

In January, Kayden had his right foot and left leg amputated.

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Watch the adorable video below:


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