How the rapper Big Pun went from athletic and healthy to weighing over 700 pounds


Christopher Rios, whose rap name was “Big Punisher” or Big Pun for short, was born November 10, 1971 om Bronx, New York.    He caught his big break in 1995 when he met Fat Joe and appeared on his song “Watch Out.”  His first hit was “I’m Not A Player” in 1997 and peaked at No. 3.  He produced two albums during his short career, and after struggling with his weight for most of his life, he died tragically at the age of 28, weighing almost 700 pounds.  Here are 10 little known facts about Big Pun’s life and career.

1. As a child, Big Pun grew up being fairly athletic playing basketball and boxing.

2. Big Pun left home at age 15 and eventually dropped out of high school after enduring a rough home life that included witnessing his mother’s drug abuse and his father’s death.

3. At one point, he was homeless and forced to stay in abandoned buildings, but Big Pun took control of his own education and was an avid reader.

4.  Big Pun began writing rap lyrics in the 1990s after having a child with and marrying his girlfriend Liza who he had dated in junior high school.  The couple eventually had two more children.

5. Big Pun’s first rap name was Big Moon Dog which he used when he formed the group Full a Clips Crew.  Just before forming the group, Big Pun received a settlement worth an estimated half million dollars from a lawsuit his mother had filed against the city of Manhattan for a broken leg he had received while playing in a municipal park as a young boy.

6. After meeting Fat Joe and appearing on his song “Watch Out,” Big Pun joined the Terror Squad with Fat Joe.  The group was made up of Latino rappers, and Fat Joe eventually helped Big Pun negotiate a contract with Loud Records.

7.  Big Pun’s first album was “Capital Punishment,” which was released in 1998 and eventually rose to the No. 1 spot on the R&B/hip-hop album charts.

8.  Selling more than 2 million copies of “Capital Punishment,” Big Pun was the first Latino rapper to go platinum, and he became a hero to many Puerto Ricans.


9. Big Pun’s second album, “Yeeah Baby,” was completed before he died but was released posthumously.  The album peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard charts and earned gold record status within three months of being released.

10.  Big Pun’s final album was the posthumous compilation of his work entitled, “Endangered Species.”  The album peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard 200.

Big Pun often stated that his overreating was driven by depression and concerns about providing for his family.   Former FDA commissioner David Kessler says that the triggers for overeating tend to be: falt, salt, sugar and brain chemistry.    He says that Americans have a love for sugary, fatty foods that creates various forms of food addiction.  He also says that there is a similarity to the reasons that people eat food and why they use drugs.

He says that people are more empowered when they fully understand the reasons they choose to overeat.



“For some, it’s alcohol,” Kessler tells WebMD. “For some, it’s drugs. For some, it’s gambling. For many of us, it’s food.”

Here’s more from Web MD:

Kessler, a Harvard-trained pediatrician and medical school professor at the University of California, San Francisco, started researching what would becomeThe End of Overeating after watching an overweight woman talk about obsessive eating habits on The Oprah Winfrey Show. It sounded familiar. Kessler’s ownweight has zoomed up and down over the years, leaving him with suits of every size.

“For much of my life, sugar, fat, and salt held remarkable sway over my behavior,” he writes.

And so the man who tackled tobacco companies while leading the FDA started researching why he couldn’t turn down a chocolate chip cookie. He pored over studies on taste preferences, eating habits, and brain activity, conducted studies, and talked to food industry insiders, scientists, and people who struggled with overeating.



  1. Only in America can a guy eat himself (or herself) to such a morbidly obese state. A rapper is NOT a job. This dude had way, way too much time on his hands. He used it to eat and drink…and eat..and eat…and eat…and eat. Disgusting

    • Nope. It’s not a job, it’s FREAKING CAREER. If you’re lucky you can make MILLIONS doing it. I’m betting you do not have a millions.

      R.I.P. Big Pun.

      • Fuck you. Why don’t you use your brain to actually analyse what mobig meant? I like big pun, but he was without a doubt a reflection of the only country in the world that encourages such filth. I wa fat once.

        Then I got bored of it.

        • James From Miami on

          To BOY, fuck you for been disgusting just like MOBIG. You’re the filth, fathead, and KRAZYLIFE is right. And, Big Pun will for ever be a legend, while you will for ever be a nobody, loser.

    • Most successful rappers and entertainers work harder and put in more hours than people with “regular jobs”. Don’t say it’s not a job without understanding how the music industry works.

    • Rap is a job and much more. You know how some people love their job? That’s how most rappers are. They bust their ass constantly writing, recording and touring so that they can live a life they enjoy. Sounds like a job to me.

    • James From Miami on

      To MOBIG, fuck you, and go get yourself a job that pays millions, fuckface. Then maybe you can talk, you ignorant bitch.

    • Bro what the hell, don’t be going around spouting shit that you don’t know.
      #1 Rapping is a job and he was one of the most legendary hip-hop srtists of all time, don’t you dar say that.
      #2 Pun was eatting a lot because he had a lit of life stress and was in very bad financial situations before becoming anrapper. He had a stressful and hard life
      #3 Don’t you dare diss Pun and call him disgusting, I het your just a punk ass bitch who can only insult people online.

    • Big Pun was a legend, and what you said was disrespectful but, MOBIG I understand what you’re saying, but it is not just one country that has these types of issues, so to blame it on a particular country isn’t right.

    • i bet your bitch ass never went through some hard shit lol everbody handles depression different, you probably just sucked on mamas titty every time something went wrong to get it all taken care of you spoon fed baby, oh and you cant say rap isnt a career when it makes more in 6 months than you make in 6 years

  2. This man died 14 years ago. This story is a little late and not news, we already know this. It was covered when he passed away. I don’t see the point in dragging this up again. I suppose it’s a good thing if somebody is on the road to obesity, they may take a moment and figure out why there are eating themselves into an early grave.

    • There you have it. A lot of people loved pun. I think that mentioning his weight struggle may be helpful to some people.

    • i never knew that he wasn’t always fat. i’m sure some other people didn’t know that either, and for that reason, i found this article to be informative.

  3. Look at how many Americans are over weight , consider where they are getting their food supply from, and then finally look into how the Food and Drug Administration deliberately puts chemicals and additives into the American Food Supply to make humans crave foods and substances that are not healthy. It is the same thing the cigarette corporations did to make humans crave cigarettes. A lot of Americans are allergic to these substances and the Food and Drug Administration deliberately adds these things to the food supply to make humans crave these unhealthy foods to enable the food corporations to continue to monopolize the American food supply and get richer and richer. No wonder so many Americans are dying from obesity. There is also a disease where people have no sense of fullness when eating and they are glutenous and can’t stop eating. Don’t blame the overweight person for being fat – put the blame on the corporate greedy guts who make us fat for profit. Look into what is really happening on planet earth before you blame the wrong person for what has happened to them. Income level also makes people over weight – if you can afford better quality food substances – your budget will only allow you to eat the bad foods – the boxed foods that are full of salt, sugar, fructose, and substances to make the foods have a long shelf life, etc.. Go to the grocery store and read labels, you will see that fructose corn syrup is in everything – fructose corn syrup is an artificial substance designed to make people fat and crave sugar. If you don’t want to eat it you have to make your own foods and grow your own vegetables. You have to learn how to bake your own breads with unbleached flour or grind your own wheat to get away from fructose corn syrup. The corporations are making profit off of people being over weight – these artificial substances are put into the foods by design – we all need to read more labels and find out what is in our foods. There is even a substance extracted from human hair and sheep sweat that goes into donut dough – now how healthy can that be? And, where in the hell are they getting the human hair? These things are not accidents, they are put there on purpose. Read and find out what those chemicals listed in the ingredients of products you buy and feed to your children really are – if you know what poisons you are eating I bet you would stop buying those products and learn to cook and grow things for yourself. When I see someone over weight I realize that person has been poisoned by the Food and Drug Administration and they don’t know why they are fat or why they crave those fake foods. They do not even realize they are eating fake foods. We all need to learn how to protect ourselves from the greed of others – especially our health and what we feed our bodies. If all the unhealthy foods were taken out of the grocery stores the shelves would be empty – there wouldn’t even be any bottled water on the shelves. If you don’t believe me, buy some bottled water, take it home and boil it – see if there is residue on the bottom of the pot you boiled the water in – I bet there will be. Then ask your self how safe that water was especially if you had been drinking it without thinking it may not be as clean as the label led you to believe. Good luck people I hope I got you to think before you just shove something from the grocery store into your mouth. We all have been eating from the same source for a very long time and look at how sick we all are – that should tell you something!

    • papabear1789 on

      SheilaB Good info and good advice. But, just to clarify, the FDA does NOT add or put ANYTHING in food. They DO test for additives and FAIL to regulate them in the interest of the public. There are politicians in this country who want to relax regulations that would stop that (along with relaxing regs on water at the EPA.

    • Whocaresitstheinternet on

      No they really don’t. Thousands of people are obese everywhere not just America. Its not about what’s in the food. It is about 2 things. 1. Your metabolism. Everyone’s is different and digests food at different speeds. 2. The amount of food you eat. If they put things to make us fat then I’m confident there would be way more obese people. I know skommy people who eat more than big people. Its just metabolism and the amount of food they eat.. Not everything has to be a damn conspiracy..

  4. R.I.P. Big Pun. Don’t be rude of the dead, we just read about some of his struggles and he had lost I believe 100 lbs., before he passed away, he may have lost them to fast and that could have contributed to his early death. Read up on it and fully understand it before you try to judge anyone.

    • How can u be rude to someone who’s dead doesn’t make sense at all plus u mofos so ignorant you’ll respect the dead b4 u respect the living and just cause he made ok music doesn’t make him a legend he was a woman beater and his kids barely have anything great to say about him so what’s so legend about that u all just sound like some groupies with a lost soul

  5. SheilaB. is absolutely correct about the FDA. They do add far too many additives to our food supply. The cost for natural and organic food is expensive, and often not available for low-income families, who have poor choices in their grocery stores, and are even overcharged in these dives for the substandard fruits and vegetable they sell. Diet and exercise help, but what if you have a mental health issue? These are things that need to be addressed for sure, especially in the Black community, where hypertension, diabetes, and other ailments affect us. Food is another way that they use to mistreat us…and Big Pun was a woman beater, but he was a great rapper, too. People are complex, to be for sure. I hope his children have done well since his passing.

    • These sentences are acceptable:
      “Big Pun was a bad basketball player, but he was a great rapper.”
      “Big Pun was a bad piano player, but he was a great rapper.”
      or even
      “Big Pun was a drug abuser, but he was a great rapper.”

      This is not acceptable, “Big Pun was a woman beater, but he was a great rapper” becuase the “but” implies that being a great rapper makes beating women acceptable.

  6. To all of the above who feels as if Big Pun being a wife beater is no big deal. He horribly pistol whipped his wife and it was filmed on his own security cameras in his home. The fact that he was a GREAT rapper and I don’t take that away from him, doesn’t dismiss the fact that he was an abuser.
    His weight was a product of his own insecurities. He abused himself with food and who knows, that may have been his own coping mechanism because of his difficult childhood. However so, Rest in Paradise, Big Pun….

  7. People kill me, once someone dies……..he dies as an Angel, when all the time he was one of the ” Devils” helper. If it is true he was an Abuser, let his fatt butt burn in HELL

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  9. I applaud your comment. It’s right on the money. People need to wake up and think for themselves. Instead of believing what was told to them to control them. Not saying that nothing is not true but if people could only open their minds to the other possibilities. People believed for forever, they have to say, do, live, worship, buy, accomplish, what the majority was lead to believe in doing. Just because everyone is walking off a bridge, doesn’t mean you need to. Think of what you gain from being you, and not a follower. Once you follow your own path, you can step back and realize what you avoided.

  10. Deonte Merritt on

    that’s why I got loose weight so would not ended up being 700 pounds & 300 pounds I mean I trying die so young gotta do wish I kind wish he never picked back up that weight he would’ve still been alive today I’ll be happy for that.

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