Black man died of drug overdose, but family claims police coverup


A drug dealer has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the death of Alfred Wright, a 28-year-old Jasper, Texas man whose body was found late last year.

The US attorney’s office in Beaumont announced Friday that Wright, a black physical therapist whose decomposing body was found in the woods on November 25th, died due to an overdose of drugs, which were sold to him by Shane Dewayne Hadnot.

According to witnesses, Wright’s truck had broken down on November 7th near a liquor store in eastern Texas. He called his wife, Lauren, and she sent Wright’s parents to help him. He is said to have then “put the phone in his sock and jogged north on Highway 87,” according to Friday’s indictment.

A search group organized by Wright’s family found his body 18 days after his disappearance. The body contained puncture wounds, and some body parts were missing. Authorities said that an overdose of cocaine, methamphetamine and Xanax is what killed Wright, and the wounds were due to animal scavenging and barbed wire. Wright’s family ponders a different possibility.

“I am really convinced that this is a follow-up to a full-fledged cover-up, and they’re using this young man as the fall guy, as the smoke screen,” Douglas Wright, Wright’s father, said to KFDM-TV of Hadnot’s arrest.

An official autopsy found the drugs in Wright’s body, and authorities said they discovered text message exchanges between Wright and his suspected drug dealer, Hadnot. The indictment states that one text message showed Wright requesting “1 gino and a 20 and 3 handles,” which, according to Hadnot, meant 1 gram of cocaine, $20 worth of methamphetamine and three tablets of Xanax, reported CNN.

Wright’s mother said she believes the drugs were pumped into her son, according to CNN. She and her family have also not forgotten the findings of the forensic pathologist they hired, who said she discovered evidence “suspicious of homicidal violence” on Wright’s body.

“The true killers, slaughterers, lynchmen and henchmen are walking free!” Wright’s sister, Kassilia, posted on Facebook. “Mr. Hadnot is merely being used as a scapegoat in an extensive and meticulous ploy to mask the truth.”

Wright, who was in an interracial relationship, lived in the same area in which James Byrd, Jr. was dragged to death by a gang of white supremacists in 1998.

“We can’t forget the history of the area because we’re both from here,” Lauren told Associated Press.

Although talk of a conspiracy has been circulating since Wright’s death, Texas officials have continued to deny such allegations and assert that the physical therapist’s relationship with Hadnot did indeed lead to his demise, reported KHOU News.

“I don’t expect people to just believe our indictment, but it is the product of hours and hours and hours of work, and a lot of expense and time, to find out what happened,” U.S. attorney for Texas’ eastern district John Malcolm Bales told Associated Press.

“I don’t have anything but sorrow for them, and we grieve for their loss,” he added. “But it’s not true that he was the victim of racial violence. What he was the victim of was a lesson there that recreational drug use is … incredibly foolish and it can cost you your life. And it cost Alfred Wright his.”

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee urged for the investigation of Wright to carry on. “Today I believe the work has started but it is not complete but at the same time it is urgent that community leaders and the lawyers of the NAACP continue to press forward for an expanded investigation from the United States Department of Justice based in Washington, DC.,” she said in a statement.

Hadnot, who pled not guilty, is being charged with two drug-distribution counts that caused Wright’s death. He has a detention hearing scheduled this week and faces up to 20 years to life in prison for each count.




  1. It was already proven this man did not do drugs but look now a cover up reather than deal with the real murders they grab another blacksmith and frame him sad world when cops are to protect but kill at will and get away with it no one will respect the law because it is ok to kill black and nothing it being done to stop it but one day when it is time for these cops and higher ups to close there eyes they will pay with the heat of hell forever.

  2. That was a lethal overdose. .not for a user..NOW THAT’S a Damn lie..That small amount will not kill a long time user unless he had other medical problems..Cops Lying

  3. I need to hear Mr Hadnot’s story. Was he actually texting the deceased? If he was texting, was drugs in the conversation log? How long had he been selling drugs to this guy. The family could be in denial. The truth will prevail. Addiction is terrible, and down right nasty.

      • sharon anthony on

        Just ignore her/him Regina, don’t sink to it’s level. As for this young man. Why would he call for help w his vehicle broke down, go jogging off with his phone in his sock, while his parents were coming to pick him up? A professional of his level, physical therapist, to behave in this manner? It does not add up. Also, he would know some about drugs, even illicit drugs, for his occupation. That amt is not lethal, I believe he was killed, dumped where he was found.

  4. ^^^ the truth will only be told by those that doing the autopsy on what they say we don’t know if it’s the truth or not. It sounds as if it was a cover-up and I do believe that it is. there’s no way this man call his wife for Help and she get his Mother and father to pick him up and then he reports was missing and Usy Need from drug overdose could be trauma!! From the beating he took .

  5. childofthesixties on

    We will probably never know the truth about this death, the truth be told Texas runs rampant with White Supremacist and everyone packs a gun! They think they are living in the wild west! I put it up there with Florida, Would not want to live there.

  6. The State of Texas has spoken. Approximately 9 months after the death of Alfred Wright.. The States verdict is GUILTY..The evidence claimed by The State of Texas is the following: Illicit drugs were claim to be in deceased body; in addition,, the claim of trail of texts to local drug dealer to Mr. Wright
    The claim by the State of Texas is the following:: Mr. Wright contacted
    the local drug dealer, and drug transaction was completed, and Mr. Wright
    Consumed the drugs and died. If one is just the tiny bit objective in the
    Claim of death by Mr. Wrights own hands via drugs it s patently suspicious
    at best, and overtly slanderous, fallacious, and contemptuous of Mr. Wrights life any whoever knew him.

  7. ed to ban together to rid the town of unwanted white, evil racist image of a human being, it’s time to turn their criminal ways against themselves, & force a more judiciary system of justice for people of color or others who are wronged. Hate can consumed an entire being but the correct justice applied can create a peaceful environment

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  9. I feel sorry for this brother. I can feel it was a cover-up, it just seems off that they couldn’t find his body but his family could but now he was dealing with unsavory people and that killed him. Total lie, I don’t even trust the state of Texas in the slightest sense. Instead of talking about what a shame it is, I decided to write an e-mail to several FBI offices located in that area as well as the head office in D.C (already been sent). We gotta get this brother justice!

  10. I’ve followed this story and what they don’t mention is how he was a Physical Therapist already married to a white girl but was cheating on his wife with another white girl, the Sheriffs daughter. The family found his body in an area the police had already searched and there was a shinny dime next to his body. The Sheriffs wife divorced him and she started finding dimes on her car and then in her bed. And as far as a drug dealer texting, he got busted, cops needed a fall guy and the drug dealer is ready to play Lets make a Deal. The Police and KKK are the same people just different uniforms

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