28 children rushed to the emergency room after accidentally drinking bleach


This might be any parent’s worst nightmare.  School has just started and your kids are excited.  Then you get a phone call stating that your child is in the hospital.  You later find out that the child drank bleach and that it all happened because someone accidentally mixed up the water cooler.  

This is the tragedy being faced by parents in New Jersey, who are wondering what in the heck happened to their kids.  The mistake was made by a substitute teacher, and we hope the kids are ok.  It appears that they are going to be alright, but the trauma is unimaginable.  

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More than two dozen children from a day care in Jersey City are recovering after they were given water that contained a small amount bleach.

As many as 28 children ended up in the emergency room after drinking bleach-taint water that authorities said was mistakenly given to them by a substitute teacher.

It happened at 160 5th Street around 10:53 a.m. The business at that location is listed as The Growing Tree II Learning Center.

The Jersey City Fire Department told Eyewitness News that a substitute teacher/aide was giving water to the students. Instead of using the water from the cooler, she mistakenly used a bottle of water that had a little bleach in it that the teachers use for cleaning.

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