Radiation experiments left black children with holes in their heads


by Dr Boyce Watkins

There are many untold stories about the atrocities of Jim Crow and it’s effects on the black community.  One of those stories is this one.  A filmmaker decided to venture into the past of his friend, whom he says one day began “sobbing uncontrollably.”  The clip appears to be a trailer for a film called “Hole in the Head: A Life Revealed.”

Vertus Hardiman is the subject of this particular film, but there were many more who were also victims of numerous experiments by the federal government, often done on African Americans without their knowledge. In most cases, the experiments were never revealed, and the victims were never compensated.  This might just be the latest installment of all that is being unearthed about the great black holocaust that black people have endured in America.

You’ve got to see this video and share the story with those who are unaware of their history.  African Americans have gone through a kind of pain and terror in this country that many say readily calls for reparations.  One artifact of racism is that these horrors are barely acknowledged by either the American government or the American public.  Instead, we are often told to “forget about it” and move on, as if the raping, beating and humiliation of our loved ones is supposed to be a thing of the past.  Were Americans so forgiving of Arab countries after 9/11?  Have Jews been asked to forgive, forget and move on?

Even prominent black celebrities like Steve Harvey have said things like “I don’t give a damn about slavery,” and the idea that such damaging messages are supported and promoted by the white supremacist power structure should be disturbing to us all.  It’s not an accident, it’s not a coincidence.  It’s all part of a clear double standard that African Americans are expected to accept.

Wilbert Smith PhD is the one seeking to tell the story about the radiation experiments.  We aren’t sure if the film has ever been made available, but the trailer alone is enough to make you take a moment of pause.  Please take a look and think carefully about what is shared here.  This is your history and don’t you EVER let anyone take it away from you.

Greg Reese at Antelope Valley News tells more about this horrible story and there’s a video below:

One cannot help but be repulsed by the cruelty of such procedures, especially their application to young children, but this was not an isolated case. Similar research occurred in 1951 on a much larger scale has been uncovered in the then-fledgling state of Israel. Like the Lyles Station incident, where all the affected children were Black, racial overtones abounded since fair-skinned Ashkenazi Jews of European origin administered radiation to upwards of 100,000 Sephardic Jewish children who were refugees from Morocco.

The Ashkenazis served as proxies for Robert Oppenheimer, his Manhattan Project, and the U.S. government, who underwrote the program because they were eager to utilize a convenient pool of guinea pigs for further testing in the wake of their successful atomic bombings at the close of World War II. Sephardic Jews differ visually from their Ashkenazi brethren by virtue of their darker, olive skin tone.

Still more episodes of radiation bombardment were conducted throughout the 1960s at what is now the University of Cincinnati on some 90 working-class citizens, of which two-thirds were Black. During the Clinton Administration these and other Cold War experiment programs were reviewed to determine restitution suitability and the need for formal apologies.

Dr Boyce Watkins is a Finance PhD and author of the book, “What if George Bush were a Black Man?” To have Dr Watkins’ commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 


  1. childofthesixties on

    OH MY GOD!! Is there nothing these devils have not done to my people?? These people have the nerve to not understand why we feel the way that we do about them!! I guess my heart is not in the right place for I am angry for them all!
    How can anyone in their right mind do this to another human being??.

  2. chilld of the sixties, you have answered your question: Someone in their right mind would not do this, because they would know Universally everyone is responsible for their actions. Universally=Almighty God’s Government.

  3. That may be why my elderly now retired co worker almost 90 calls them ‘BLUE EYED DEVILS\! WOW! HE IS A BLACK MAN AND WAS EDUCATED AT HOWARD UNIVERSITTITLE=\\>Y.

  4. I’m not saying the radiation experiments didn’t cause people to have a hole in their heart but 90% of people are already born with a hole in their heart. We found this out from my 17yr old sons cardiologist. My son was diagnosed with dysautonomia and during one of his many tests we found this out. Most of the time the hole doesn’t affect people unless too much blue blood or non oxygenated blood is leaking out the hole. That is why peoole wouldnt know if they have a hole in their heart or not. For my son it was affecting him and he had a procedure done to close the hole in his heart.

    • Sean, please watch the video of the trailer so you can see what this article is all about. At just about 2:30 you will see, quite graphically, what that torture done in the name of experimentation did to the victims of this atrocity. My heart is just broken by what our government did to those poor, helpless children. If I’ve ever heard a viable case for reparations, this is it. I wish I could find the actual documentary so I could watch the whole thing. Very informative.

  5. Rashetta Archer on

    Do you people read anything at all..UNLESS it is about racial injustice….NOT just to blacks..but to military as well..that affected those of all races..have you heard of Agent Orange?…what about the uranium babies overseas…OR the affects of the atomic bomb that the US dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?…READ..or better yet GOOGLE….there is much to be learned other than injustice to blacks.

    • RASHETTA ARCHER Why don’t you stop trying to tone down and tune out the voices of Black people’s righteous indignation and outrage. Our anger at the atrocities that have been, and continue to be committed, against Black people is wholly justified. Acknowledging the wrongs done to Black people does not diminish the significance of other people’s suffering and we never said it did. However, we will not be shamed into making other people’s suffering more important than our own. It is beyond high time we stop allowing other people to dictate who/what we should care about and how we should feel about issues that affect our own people. We should never have to place our own causes and concerns in the back seat to appease others.

      • Chloe, hat tip for your most articulate response. Will add nothing to dilute its power.

        rashetta archer, if you’re Black, take your aunt jemima ass back to your good white folk otherwise, stay out of Black folks business….

  6. When dealing with a subject in particular, you would do yourself a favor to deal with the subject at hand and not dismiss it as if it doesn’t matter. Your assumptions have led you to believe that the people here only care about one subject. You couldn’t possibly know that. But because of your prejudices you can’t help but criticize anything that brings attention to the atrocities performed on the black race by good old America. I’m sure you wouldn’t attack a Jewish article or film on the atrocities performed by the Nazis.

  7. Rashetta Archer. So now you have an issue with US reading about what’s done to US? It’s called educating oneself to the injustices committed by others on US. Furthermore where is the outrage tbat that has happened to american citizens on American soil. Like we keep saying there you go again glossing the facts over. We know ya’ll really dont give a damn about US. You just showed it to us. Thanks

    • What is “us” and “you”, as if all white people are the same and are against black people. Well they are not. What i have just read and seen in this article has upset and horrified me just as much as it probably would upset any black person. Its disgusting and horrific. But I dont understand why the whole of the white race has to get verbally attacked for what these monsters did.

      • JANET MCLEOD the propensity of white people to turn an issue of Black suffering into a White victimization issue, is really getting old. I don’t see very many white people fighting to end the advantages that their perceived privilege affords them and if all black people are continually demonized for the actions of the few, why shouldn’t the same standard apply to white people?

  8. That kind of experimentation is racist and revolting. Horrific in the extreme. Not to take anything away from that I have to say that I object to the attempt in the article to equate these racist experiments in the U.S. with what is claimed to have transpired in Israel. It may make U.S. racists feel good to do so but there is no equivalence and no valid analogy. Here is a link to what actually occurred in Israel which was using a then valid and established medical process (not the first medical procedure to have proven worse then the disease) to treat, of all things, ringworm. The writer of the article should be a lot more careful with their research. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ringworm_affair_(Israel)

  9. Is there anything happy in your world? Addicted to suffering you are. This doesn’t bring any good to the world but expose another bad thing.

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  11. Get A Life would like y’all to stop being so gosh darn ‘negative’. Let’s look at the positives in the story, shall we, Get a Life?
    1) this blessed survivor is not only still surviving, but doing so with love and forgiveness in his heart [Survivor = 1, Get A Life = 0]
    2) real injustices to innocent American citizens, who not only did nothing to deserve torture, but had no choice in the matter, are coming to light in a positive and uplifting independent Film, so that maybe those suffering the ramifications will receive justice and reparations.
    3) the light of Truth exposes evil, which hides in the dark corners of lies, ignorance and indifference. Lies, ignorance and Indifference are — in most logical minds — a negative. Truth (even tho ugly), knowledge and love always will bring positive change. You, Get A Life may prefer the dark corners of lies, coverups and ignorance, but most will see glory and good come to those who learn from these blessed victims and survivors.
    Please, Get A Life, crawl back to the dark corner from which you lurk in ignorance, and suck the teet of apathy, and know what while the truth will always set us free, you will always live in shackles of sadness.

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