A medical emergency led Eric Holder’s wife to make him quit his job


Attorney General Eric Holder surprised the country by stepping down suddenly as Attorney General of the United States.  He’d served gracefully since the day that President Barack Obama took over back in 2008 and was expected to leave the White House with him.

It’s now being reported that the reason Holder left his job is because his wife was worried about his health.  Holder’s wife, who is a doctor herself, was concerned about her husband’s future and whether his body could withstand the stress of his old job.

Holder had been rushed by ambulance to a hospital in Washington, DC when feeling faint and having a shortness of breath.  It turns out that he was good to return to work, but that’s when he began to talk to his wife about leaving.

Politico Magazine is reporting that it was Holder’s wife, Sharon Malone, who pressured the AG to leave.  Sharon is an obstetrician and gynecologist, and felt that it was time for Holder to do something else.  Politically, it was also better for Holder to leave in case the Republicans do well during the mid-term elections and take over the Senate.  If that were to happen, it would be extremely difficult for President Obama to find a suitable replacement.

“It was a quit-now or never-quit moment,” a former administration official told Politico.

“You didn’t want confirmation hearings in 2015 if the Republicans control the Senate. So if he didn’t do it now, there was no way he could ever do it.”

This wasn’t the first time that AG Holder thought about leaving his post.  He also talked seriously about resigning during a gun-walking scandal in 2012.  But he didn’t want to leave under a cloud of shame and due to pressure from Republicans.

Thus far, Holder is the third-longest serving Attorney General in US history, showing just how difficult it is to keep that job.

From the Fast and Furious gun walking scandal that led to him being held in contempt by the House of Representatives to the Justice Department’s crusade against Republican-passed voter identification laws, Holder, the fourth longest serving Attorney General in American history, has seen few periods of his tenure that were not marked by polarizing action.

A hero to progressives and the African-American community, President Barack Obama lauded Holder’s work to advance civil rights at a tearful press conference on Thursday afternoon.

‘Under his watch,’ Obama said, ‘the department has brought a record number of prosecutions for human trafficking, and for hate crimes – because no one in America should be afraid to walk down the street because of the color of their skin, the love in their heart, the faith they practice, or the disabilities that they live with.’


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  3. Eric Holder wife is not white, she is very fair skinned. Nevertheless, she is looking out for her husband’s health. Her marriage to him is more important to him serving in a position that can cause him stress that can lead to a stroke. I would tell my husband to get the hell out of that job also. If I was Michelle Obama, I would had
    pressured Mr. Obama to not run a second term due to the stress and bull crap. The president has aged rapidly since his second term. I do applaud Mr. Holder for listing to his wife and putting his health first. I do hope that Mr. Obama finds a suitable candidate that we people of color can be very proud of. Should blacks fight for this country, I say ” hell no.” We need to fight the racism, police brutality that continues to plague black disproportionately. We have our fight cut out for us right her on this soil. We don’t need to go elsewhere and fight.

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