Study: Your children may be able to inherit genes from an ex-boyfriend


When we merge our bodies with another human being and then move on, we think that the person is gone forever.  But on a microbiological level, there are numerous complex processes taking place which may indicate that your connection is permanent, lasting forever.

For example, a recent study showed that after a mother carries a child in her body, some of the child’s cells remain inside the mother for life.  So, if this occurs when carrying a baby inside your body, what about carrying a man’s seed inside your womb?

A new study is claiming that sleeping with a person may lead to permanent connections that could actually cause your children to share genetic traits that are consistent with an ex-lover.  A study at The University South Wales found that the process of “telegony,” where traits of past lovers are passed onto future children, holds in fruit flies.  In case you want to know why genetists love to study fruit flies, it’s because the genetic structure of these little creatures is highly comparable to humans.  In fact, fruit flies contain 75% of the genes that lead to disease within human beings.

Scientists claim that for fruit flies, the size of the child matched the size of the first male that the mother mated with, not the actual biological father.  They believe that this occurred because molecules of the first father’s seed were absorbed by the mother’s eggs and never left her body.

So, when these eggs were later fertlized by another man, the first man’s “influence” was still being felt inside the mother’s body.  Maybe this is why you get a chill down your spine when your ex-boyfriend walks into the room.

“We don’t know yet whether this applies to other species,” said author of the study, Dr. Angela Crean.   It may not apply, but it definitely gives us all something to think about.  The most interesting activity in the universe typically occurs at the molecular level.  Think about this when you let that creepy old guy inside your body.   He may be giving you the gift that keeps on giving.

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      • Life is SCIENCE..DNA and genetic coding and markers are REAL …women are receptors men are the PLUG. When he gets done with you he washes you off of him a woman CANNOT do the same and I don’t care how many times she douches, those genetic codes are traveling all thorough out your body. That’s why the old folks would say you don’t let everyman put his “milk” up in you!!!!

        • Lmao. So true. They better start using them condoms & stop being a lil ho talking bout bout it don’t feel good without the baby juice. Well thats what my girlfriends say. Celibate for 23 years & counting. No sperm for me. To old for procreation. Thank God!!

  1. This just gives women another excuse as to why their kids look like her ex. But I know the real deal, the ex was probably still hitting it on the side.

  2. Can you see the case – What paternity results? we slept together 5 years ago that’s why my baby looks like him – lawyer read this as proof in court.

  3. This article is ridiculous. The fruit fly study doesn’t take into account the genetic makeup of the mother fly. It is purely coincidental that the children are the same size as a past mate. If this were true, then a mother who had never had relations with anyone other than their current mate should bare children all the same size as their father.

    • Good point. The connection between humans and fruit flies is as negligible as the connection between humans and jellyfish. They’re both animals, but don’t you don’t see anyone with tentacles. This article is sensationalist. The real reason they used fruit flies in the study is simple: they’re cheap to breed, easy to maintain, and they only have about 8 chromosomes in their entire genome, compared to a human’s 46. There is no connection here.

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  5. They said carried traits of the first male. Not all the males, the females egg must be most influential the first encounter with sperm. Makes sense woman sleep with dozens of men. I guess the first and last are the most important.

  6. So sperm a live cell can travel all the way pass the Fallopian tubes into the overies and still live past all that mess and natural human defenses?? Um yeah rare chance

  7. francheska cruz on

    Whose baby in being posted on this article??? What relation does this young boy have to do with the artical… If I were his mother I’d sue somebody.

  8. I don’t get all the comments left by women saying how gross this is… Doesn’t say much about their taste in men considering at one point that guy that grosses them out so much was good enough to allow their sperm inside… I’m grossed out by the women that are grossed out. THAT’S disgusting.

  9. Male-dominated religions that impose limits on female sexual partners (different thsn men) would love an article like this, supposedly backing their claims.

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  11. Every Word of God is the truth. Folks don’t like having restrictions, but they are there for a reason. Life is both simple and complicated. Every time we have slept with someone we left with a little bit of that person. You know you remember every person you have ever had sex with. I know I do. There is something called”body memory”. This is another reason why we should not sleep around. It is not just sex!

  12. This sounds really sad… Because I committed mistakes… This makes me sad… I hope this is not true, and if it is true, I how there’s a solution… A cell regenerator… Or something like that… What the fuck..

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