Dallas Ebola patient is in critical condition, hospital says


Thomas Eric Duncan is the first American Ebola case in history, and he’s getting worse every day.  According to a Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital spokeswoman, he is now in critical condition.  The man, who hails from Liberia, was previously listed in serious condition and now that situation has worsened.

Hospital spokeswoman Candace White gave no details on the situation.  There are 10 people who were in contact with Duncan, but they’ve shown no signs of catching Ebola, according to health officials.  There are a total of 50 people being monitored each day for symptoms, but the other 40 are “low risk,” according to  Dr. David Lakey, the commissioner of Texas department of state health services.

The nine who definitely had contact with Thomas included family members and healthcare professionals.  Dr. Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said this on Saturday:

“We have already gotten well over 100 inquiries of possible patients,” Frieden said. “We’ve assessed every one of those … and just this one patient has tested positive … We expect that we will see more rumors or concerns or possibilities of cases, until there is a positive laboratory test, that is what they are.”

According to officials, the monitoring process includes taking their temperature twice a day.  There was another Ebola scare on the other side of the country at Howard University Hospital, but it turns out that the patient is OK.  The question at this point is whether the situation is going to get worse or better, and the nation is on high alert.


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