Does Al Sharpton look unhealthy to you?


The Rev. Al Sharpton was once recognized by his weight.  He was one of the biggest things on TV, both metaphorically and physically.  Obesity is unhealthy, many people know that.   Also, African Americans are hit the worst by the obesity epidemic, mainly because black people consume the least healthy foods.

Sharpton is now much smaller, but some are thinking that he’s too small.  His skinny, frail frame gives the image of an old man who can barely walk, rather than a man that is full of life.   Some are saying that he either took his weight loss too far or is dealing with a secret health problem that no one else knows about.

But Sharpton says that his fat days are behind him and he’s not going back for anything.

“I’m never going to be fat — never again,” Sharpton said told the New York Daily News.

For his 60th birthday, the 129 pound Sharpton says that he feels “younger and more energetic” than he has in the past.  He once tipped the scales at 305 pounds, so he’s 176 pounds lighter than he was at his peak.  Sharpton says that it was his daughter that inspired him to lose the weight.

“I could take all the cartoons in the tabloid newspapers, but I couldn’t take my daughter punching me in the belly and asking why I was so fat,” Sharpton recalled. “That was my inspiration to lose the weight. And probably the last time anyone hurt my feelings.”

Here’s what Sharpton says that he eats every day in order to remain healthy.

  • 3 slices of whole wheat toast
  • 2 bottles of fresh green juice
  • Salad
  • Banana

Sharpton also has a message for anyone who is worried about his new appearance.

“I’d say, ‘You should’ve worried about me when I was obese’. I’m healthier now than I was when I was obese.”



  1. God bless Reverned Al Sharpton. He is doing his best to do PC good. An he was a large man. Unhealthy even. But he’s unhealthy now! If his diet of 3 bread/toast slices, “salad”, banana and 2 bottles of green juice is his daily diet… Always(?) That’s extreme in the long term. Possibly necessary in the beginning to save his life at 305 pounds. But, extreme for everyday. He’ll figure it out. Get a book deal. I like this mans hustle 😉

  2. I guess we’ve gotten so used to seeing him much heavier, now that the weight is gone we’re having a hard time adjusting to his new appearance. The diet part is a bit too regimented, but if works…oh well

  3. Debbie Stevens on

    I know Rev. Al could care less of my opinion — but his new look has him not looking well. Regardless of how much any obese person loses–you need to remain healthy. The diet that he stated that he is purportedly on is not healthy for any persons regardless of their weight. Before he speaks again about being obese–he needs to do rethink his statements. He has a large following and if he puts out correct information regarding losing weight–many people may start their own dieting.

  4. There is such a thing as being unhealthy when you’re too thin also. He looks anorexic, his head looks too big for his body that is not a healthy look. Hopefully that is not all he eats for the whole day, if it is that is starvationt of the body. Remember men suffer from anorexia also. He went from one extreme to the next.

  5. Al Sharpton look like a BIG head skeleton.Walkin around tryin to hold that BIG azz head up.I bet he need some people to help him lift that thang off the pillow in the morning.He sleep with 50 lbs ankle weights on to keep that mattress from flippin on em lol

  6. Al Sharpton quite frankly looked better larger. When we get older and loose that much we need to really do weight lifting so we don’t loose so much muscle. I think he looks more like a 70 years old.

  7. Yep. He looks like he should be in bed, covered up with a hot water bottle. Look at hid big ‘ol head. At least put on a tailor made suit to cover your arms and square off your shoulders. I know his thighs are burned on the inside from all those years of them rubbing together in those itchy, hot track suits.

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