Montel Williams is 58 years old with a six pack and 32-inch waist


Victor Ochieng

For many who’ve seen Montel Williams on his television shows or films, he comes forth as one who’s got everything in place. He has this brave face, passion for what he does, and is always ready to drop one piece of advice after another.

Although there has been news that the former US Marine had been officially diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) back in 2000, not so much has been out there about his life and the challenges he faces.

In an exclusive interview, Williams revealed more about himself, his life, and the things that define him.

A little chat with him discloses his bravery, energy, and objectivity; something believed to stem from his military training and experience. He fully understands his life journey; areas he erred and some of the things that still keep him going.

Williams started his career as a US Marine, eventually going through the Naval Academy Prep School, and later graduating from the US Naval Academy. During his time as a military serviceman, he won several medals and awards including Navy Commendation Medals and Meritorious Service Medals.

Reflecting back on his life in the military, however, Williams says that a number of things he did are coming back to him now. He brings up the heavy weights he used to lift as one of the things that have come back to haunt him, causing him back, spine, and leg pain.

In spite of all that, Williams reveals he’s currently in his best physical shape ever. At 58 years of age, the talk show host boasts of a six pack and a 32 inch waist. He maintains his physical fitness and observes what goes into his stomach to ensure that he gives his body the best.

Williams has revealed that his daughter Melissa, aged 26, is suffering from Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Instead of keeping her condition to herself, she has opened up about it and shared her journey on the Oz blog. Williams says that one has to be there for those in need, whether it’s your own child or family.

Williams says that every person can and should take responsibility for their health.  Watch this video of Williams working out to ask yourself how a man who is nearly 60 years old can pull this off. It’s awesome to watch.







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