Study find connection between fast food consumption and school performance in kids


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III
Consuming fast food has been associated with an increase in obesity among our youth. Studies have shown how unhealthy fast food is to one’s physical makeup, and now, there’s a new study that finds a correlation between fast food consumption and performance of children in the classroom.

A study published in the journal Clinical Pediatrics looked at 11,000 students who were tested for proficiency in subjects such as math and science in the fifth grade. The results concluded that students who consumed fast food frequently often did poor in their academic performance. The students were then tested again in the eighth grade. In addition to being tested, the students were asked to fill out a questionnaire about how much fast food they ate and how often they consumed it. Even though the study did not directly link frequent fast food consumption to poor performance, it did raise the question as to why this is happening.
Kelly Purtell, the lead author and human science assistant professor from Ohio State University believes fast food is to blame. In an article published in Atlanta Black Star, Purtell says, “There’s a lot of evidence that fast-food consumption is linked to childhood obesity, but the problems don’t end there. Relying too much on fast food could hurt how well children do in the classroom.”

Anytime there’s a study such as this, one will raise the question about parents not having enough time to cook because of their schedule. Along with this, another factor to be considered is the number of fast food establishments in inner city neighborhoods.

“If children are growing up in low-income households, there is an entirely different set of circumstances and challenges they could be facing that are not connected to the fast food at all,” Purtell said. “These issues could be the real cause of poor performances in school. Study authors claim they accounted for such factors, but there is no way to fully control the lifestyle a child is subjected to based on their socioeconomic status.”

This study of linking fast food consumption to poor academic performance should cause some parents to rethink purchasing fast food for their children.

Source: Atlanta Black Star

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