Ladies, here are 6 ways to drop weight like a man


By Michal Ortner

Many women find themselves frustrated with men when it comes to weight loss. Men typically lose weight quickly and with less effort. Is it possible that women should take on the tactics of their male counterparts? Perhaps ladies should look at weight loss through a male lens in order to shed those pounds. Here are a few tips that the fellas use as weight-loss strategies.

Don’t be too strategic. Men are able to focus on a single task and carry it out in a simplified way. So, rather than developing a complex exercise routine with a tense schedule and knit-picky rules, women should pick a sport or an activity and follow through with it. Men can go for a game of basketball or golf. They take on a physically intense program that lasts for a weekend or a class. This can also work for dieting. Rather than follow a regimen, completely give up one thing like alcohol or carbohydrates.

Strength Training is for women, too. Only about seventeen percent of women take part in strength training. But this plan is a great way to gain muscle and burn fat. It helps replace your current weight with a healthy weight. Remember, it isn’t all about the numbers on the scale. It is more important to be healthy. With strength training, you can be healthy and look good, too.

Just go for it. Women tend to plan, research, and evaluate when it comes to losing weight. Many times, women exert more effort organizing their diet and exercise routines than they do actually dieting and exercising. It is time for women to use less brain power because, as Tracie Rogers, Ph. D. states, “…overthinking things can create excuses and lead you to put off starting.”

Be competitive. Even if competition means self-motivation, women need to boost their egos when it comes to diet and exercise. Sharing about your workout routine or posting on Facebook can help with this aspect. Be confident. Competition and confidence walk hand in hand. Wear comfortable workout clothes, keep your head up, and smile. This will keep you motivated to keep going to the gym.

Diet as a lifestyle. Don’t allow your food intake to control your mind and emotions. When it comes to your diet, it needs to be a lifestyle. Find a good medium so that you aren’t stressing about numbers and rules. Your eating habits should not control every aspect of your life. Sometimes, it is okay to indulge in treats. Men don’t beat themselves up over an occasional hamburger.

Lastly, attitude is key. Men are typically more positive about their successes in weight loss, while women are difficult to satisfy in meeting goals. Even the smallest goals should be celebrated. Letting go of stress and rigid rules will help your attitude remain positive.

With these factors in mind, you can drop the weight just as easily as the man in your life can.

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