Kellita Smith is staying mega healthy since her days on the Bernie Mac Show


By Michal Ortner

Kellita Smith became a familiar household face when she first began her role on the “Bernie Mac Show” in 2001. With such a long-standing role, she gained a greater reputation as an actress.

Fame typically leads actors to become more self-conscious of their appearance and identity, and unfortunately, the actress fell victim to this. Smith dealt with “emotional eating” as part of her struggle to find peace in the midst of a hectic and chaotic life as an actress.

Onlookers see Kellita as an attractive and strong woman who lives in a world of obvious success. In reality, success has forced Smith to know herself better and make adjustments so that she can see herself in a more positive light.

When it comes to her physical appearance and maintaining her weight, Smith says, “In the past, I have been too extreme. Then, I would binge, and it would all be over. This time, I tried to make healthy eating a way of life.”

Rather than follow a strict regime or starving herself, Smith simply removed many of the carbs and starches from her daily diet. This meant removing complex carbohydrates and making small exceptions so she could stand strong under the stress. She admits that it is important to understand what you can handle when it comes to your diet.

Not only did she remove carbs, she occasionally replaced them with spelt-based bread. For Smith, dieting and weight maintenance isn’t all about what she cannot eat. From time to time, she still allows herself to indulge in birthday cake.  “A slice of white cake with butter cream icing is my favorite.” This keeps her sane and her dieting style more doable.

For Smith, an active lifestyle keeps her body looking fit and her mind focused and free. She is involved in an hour of spinning and Pilates at least three times a week and sometimes five days a week if she can fit it into her schedule. These activities keep her feeling alive and also act as a way to remove stress. She also holds interests in fencing, tennis, and Tae Kwon Do.

As far as her acting career goes, she stays busy and enjoys her roles in television and films.  While acting is fulfilling to her, she makes sure to take time for herself. When she is alone at home, she fills a warm bath, surrounds the tub with candles, and allows her mind to drift to new worlds. She says that she likes to “forget about everything.” Smith says she does a vision exercise as she releases her stress.  “I envision myself as a goddess on a cliff. So high that no one can see me.”


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