4th graders plotted to murder their teacher with hand sanitizer


Whenever you hear people say that kids today are getting worse and worse, they probably didn’t have anything like this in mind.  According to the New York Daily News, a group of fourth graders are in big trouble with the law for plotting to murder their teacher using hand sanitizer.

The students at Elba Elementary School in upstate New York are being questioned by authorities, after some of them told their friends that they were going to kill their teacher “by putting antibacterial products around the classroom,” according to the police report.

The teacher, who is allergic to hand sanitizer, told the students to keep it out of the classroom, so this may have given them the idea to pursue this ungodly and sinister plot.   But fortunately, some of the students told their parents, who alerted the school and police about what the kids were planning to do.

Chief Deputy Jerome Brewster of the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department says that police have found almost no motive for the scheme.  When asked why they would do such a thing to their teacher, the kids simply said that it was because she was “mean.”

Ironically, police have not tried to charge the kids with any crimes, defining the situation to be nothing more than “idle chatter.”  But this does leave us wondering:  If this had been an inner city school with African American children plotting to murder a white woman, would police have been so forgiving?  After all, the state of New York often puts black and brown kids in handcuffs for the smallest infractions.  One can only imagine what would happen if one of these children were to try to kill a teacher.

As the nation evaluates the merits of its criminal justice system’s capacity to forgive, this story gives us all something to ponder.

Something else to ponder is that there are actually ways that hand sanitizer can be used in some pretty unhealthy ways.  Apparently, a bottle of hand sanitizer contains the equivalent of five shots of alcohol, and is often used by young people and prison inmates to get drunk.  In fact, there are dozens of videos on Youtube showing teenagers getting drunk off hand sanitizer.  One man in Autralia actually drank six bottles of hand sanitizer and was able to survive.

But don’t try ANY OF THIS this at home, since experts say that drinking hand sanitizer can cause blindness, diarrhea, memory loss and damage to your internal organs.  Just use it to keep your hands clean.


  1. This article is on point if these kids were black they would be in jail. This is how our “JUST US” SYSTEM works. SMH!

  2. Matters not what color the children are, the point is they did something wrong. We must fix the problem with corrective action and the parents must continue to teach at home. When we took prayer out of the school, “Formally,” we made the biggest mistakes of our lives.


    The racial makeup of the county was 94.69% White, 2.13% Black or African American, 0.78% Native American, 0.48% Asian, 0.02% Pacific Islander, 0.71% from other races, and 1.18% from two or more races. 1.50% of the population were Hispanic or Latino of any race. 25.0% were of German, 15.2% Italian, 13.5% English, 13.1% Irish, 8.9% Polish and 5.6% American ancestry according to Census 2000.[32] 96.5% spoke English and 1.5% Spanish as their first language.

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