Medications for bedroom performance may not be good for men: Here’s why


By Victor Ochieng

Most men, if not all, worry about their bedroom performance. From the size of their manhood to how long they last, men are always searching for ways to stay on top of the game. Unfortunately, as they grow older, their sexual drive gradually dims, causing a lot of worry about one’s personal sex life.

To get the easiest and fastest way out, most men normally rush for those little pills that provide temporary solutions for physical dysfunction in the bedroom.

Companies that manufacture these drugs always warn potential users to seek the opinion of health experts before using them. But since most men don’t want to expose their weakening conditions to others, they simply take over-the-counter approach or make online orders to hide their faces. Such people end up ignoring prerequisites such as establishing the most fitting drugs and the right dosage.

To stay safe, below are five things you should know before using any of the drugs:

  1. One may end up having life threatening heart problems or even a heart attack if you don’t get the right directions from a professional. Ensure that you get tested for heart conditions or other heart related problems before attempting to use any of the sex enhancement drugs.


  1. Headache is a serious side effect of most of these drugs. This may be quite a challenging trade-off since you may end up having better performance in bed but fail to properly function in your normal day to day activities due to headache.


  1. One may suffer from backaches, something that may make your whole life unbearable. You need a strong back to have good sex. Unfortunately, those who don’t have strong backs may end up even experiencing extreme back pain that may interfere with sexual performance.


  1. The user may suffer from prolonged erections that may last as long as 7 hours after sexual intercourse. Although people take the drugs in order to have hard erections for longer, some drugs have in some cases led to erections that take longer than is necessary.


  1. For someone suffering from other health conditions, the drugs may end up worsening the situation. You should therefore work to regain your health before considering sexual dysfunction drugs.

Whichever way one looks at it, whether in good health or otherwise, what shouldn’t be foregone is the professional opinion of a health professional.

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