Model was dying to have a bigger behind, and she almost did


By Angela L. Braden

Beyonce said it best: “Pretty Hurts.”  Now, Brazilian beauty queen, model, and television host Andressa Urach can join in on the chorus.

Urach, 27, is in serious condition after undergoing cosmetic surgery to increase the size of her thighs.  She is being treated in an intensive care unit in a hospital in Rio.

Urach had a substance called Hydrogel injected into her thighs to enhance the size and shapeliness of her upper legs.  Hydrogel is commonly used in Brazil to increase the size of women’s legs and buttocks.  Urach had fourteen ounces injected into her upper legs.  Medical sources state that the model had twice the recommended amount.

Doctors have now drained all of the product from her thighs after discovering the substance was the cause of the Brazilian beauty’s serious health complications, including an infection.  A spokesperson for the model says that she is responding well to treatment.

Sources say that the thigh augmentation procedure is one of nine procedures Urach has done to modify her physical appearance.  This surgery is obviously the one cosmetic process that has created the most complications.

Urach’s shapely body put her on center stage after becoming the runner-up in the Miss Bumbum contest for having the sexiest backside.  Currently, she is the host of the Muito Show on Rede TV.

What price are women truly paying to have more shapely thighs, breast, and backsides?  Is it really worth your life to have more voluptuous body parts?

Most women adopt the mantra that beauty requires some pain.  For instance, countless women flock to salons to get their eyebrows waxed, plucked, and/or threaded.  And that absolutely hurts.  But introducing toxic substances into your body that can have long-term effects on your health may be going too far.

Time will only tell if these substances some of us are injecting into our thighs, cheeks, foreheads, and buttocks will do more than just enhance your physical appearance.  Let’s hope that in an awful twist of irony, these products don’t transform our bodies into something that we may find hideous and difficult to live with.



  1. Im so sick of hearing about these Pretty Women almost dying to look better! There’s no cure for Self Hate except loving yourself for what you have been blessed with. These dumb women may look good on the outside but may be a train wreck on the inside which effects their relationships. All the ass, thighs & titties in the world doesnt matter if your sitting at home alone every night because you look so Good but has a stank ass personality & every guy wants to but nobody wants to wife you!!! Think on that…

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