6-year old girl found hanging from a jump rope


The New York Daily News has reported the kind of tragedy that almost none of us want to think about.  A six year old girl was found hanging from a jump rope in what many believe to be an apparent suicide.

It appears that after being placed in foster care, the girl’s suicidal and homicidal thoughts began to increase, leading to the tragedy.   Police are stunned by what they’ve seen, surprised that a child of that age would do something like that to herself.

Kendrea Johnson’s body was found on December 27th, according to the Star Tribune.   She left a note after the incident with the words,  “I’m sorry.” Another note stated, “I’m sad for what I do.”

Police say they are trying to make sure they are clear about the cause of death.  They say that the little girl’s psychiatric records show thoughts that are clearly disturbing, and that she has drawn pictures of children hanging from nooses in the past.

“We just did our due diligence to tear this case apart and look at every angle,” Brooklyn Park Police Deputy Chief Mark Bruley said. “It’s hard to believe that it was even possible. We may never know if it was suicide or an accident.”

Kendrea’s grandmother, Mary Lee Broadus, says that she was a “happy-go-lucky” child, and appeared to be “normal.”  But foster care ruined all of that.  The sense of abandonment apparently got the best of her, and turned her into a different person.

The child was taken out of the home after her mother was accused of abusing drugs.  First, her grandmother had custody and then the child was being sent to different foster homes.  The child was being treated for post traumatic stress disorder, which affects millions of children from violent communities or abusive situations.   She also had issues with anger, anxiety and stress, which was quite a load for her at the age of six.

Therapists also say that the girl’s difficult experiences made her feel guilty and unlovable.   She had marks on her neck indicating that she’d tried to kill herself in the past, according to police.  She also threatened to kill her foster mother with a screwdriver.

According to George Realmuto, a University of Minnesota psychiatry professor, children that age rarely kill themselves, but it is possible when dealing with a difficult enough situation.  However, police say that the knot on the girl’s jump rope was very complicated for a child to have tied, leading them to investigate.

“Somebody did it,” her grandmother said, convinced that Kendrea would never do such a thing.

Willie Venzant, Kendrea’s uncle, says the foster care situation is at fault, putting the child into a worse situation than before.

“They took her and put her in a worse situation,” he said. “The state didn’t do their job.”

Kendrea’s foster parents, Tannise and Adrea Nawaqavou, were taking care of the girl’s brother as well.  They said they were planning to adopt her before she died.   Now, their foster care license has been suspended.



  1. This is truly a sad situation. Hopefully it will spur her mother to get her act together and get her other child before something happens to him too.

  2. I realize DCS call themselves trying to help by removing kids from their family & and familiar surroundings, however, they also need to look at how it affects the children in question. Such drastic measures are traumatic for any child, no matter the circumstances involving the reason. Placing children with other family members should always be a first option, as long as the said members are kind and caring individuals , and have the child’s best interest at heart. It is heartbreaking to be placed somewhere where you are not truly wanted or loved, and believe me when I say, kids know the difference. They know when someone really & truly cares for them and when they do not. May this child find peace now. It is very unusual for a child of this age to do this to them self.

  3. I hope the mother get her act together as well. I blame the CPS workers for this child’s death.

    Her blood is on their hands.

    RIP little angel.

  4. I’m certain this child was on psychotropic medications, proven to cause suicidal tendencies. It’s never right, but? Horrific childhoods are not a new phenomena, but? 6 year old Black girls committing suicide IS.

    For anyone reading this, studies prove that an organic most plant based diet is soothing to the psyche. Sadly, this poor little Angel wasn’t in any kind of environment that would have treated her with the Loving Care all children deserve. What an epic tragic loss, for all of us.

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  5. You are a ucked up in the mind person to be to spit racist comments on something like this. If I knew you. I be doing time. Now Tell your child to stop sucking her or his brother’s penis.

  6. More egregious than the story of this child’s destruction is the “How to remove dark spots” ad right under the child’s pic.. Is this site that hard up for ad dollars or is this a White racist joke?.

  7. There is no way a 6year old would and could do such a thing. The fact that people are actually commenting that she did this is unbelievable. Take a look a your 6 year old children and ask yourself if you think your child is capable. These article and post are maddening if the child was any other race it would not be an issue of murder. No child is capable and strong enough to do something like that..this sound like someone helped or aided this child. A suicide note??? WTF really..This child was 6 years old, a baby..
    Anastasia, I dont wish harm on anyone but, what you put out in the universe will certainly come back 2 YOU!

  8. Anastatia not all black people live on welfare and food stamps the majority are poor white trash. Your day is coming very soon and I can’t wait you ignorant racist.

  9. I find it hard to believe a 6 six year old child would do something like this,A 6 year old would’nt be able to comprehend what suicide is.Yes the foster care home is at fault but if the dumb ass parents had their act together to begin with,this would never have happened.

  10. Nah! A six year old writing a suicide note? Even if she’s going through a lot. Something more than meets the eye. RIP angel, someone is going to be held accountable.

  11. Nothing about this really makes any sense….I have a 7 year old and I dont even thinks she knows what suicide is or even grasp the concept that you can take your own life!! IDK this doesnt smell right AT ALL!!! But RIP sweetheart!!

  12. I don’t believe this child hung herself. I don’t think she left a note either.This child has been moved so many times who has taken the time to teach her how too write and spell. Somebody helped this child do this and I want them to look hard for the the person/persons that did this. I am sure she had mental problems who wouldn’t
    with all the things she has been through. A child knows when they are being mistreated. As for her Grandmother and Uncle Willie did you all really do what you all could have done for this child? I am questioning that. You all were her family. Uncle Willie you said the state didn’t do their job did you and Grandma? This hurts me to the core of my sole RIP Baby Girl!

  13. It is absolutely outrageous to believe that this child of 6 years hung herself. “They” can try to use all the excuses and explanations in the universe,but there is no way this child did this. Six years old? In and out of foster care? And, they want people to believe that she could write a suicide note? Un-phucking-believeable!

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  14. This sounds like a crock of BS. The details in the article are very sketchy. So where exactly did this happen????? Was she hanging from a doorknob??? I can’t imagine she knew how to tie a knot strong enough or hang it high enough to commit this act. Oh, yeah, and she \left a note\…6 yrs old….. With all the shuffling around through foster care was she even in school long enough to learn how to write those words? It’s a crying shame family members are commenting on this tragedy, blaming foster care. Why wasn’t the child in their custody!?! Damn shame whatever really happended.

  15. This child didn’t commit suicide. Somebody forced that child to write that on that paper, for their plot to kill her. How much did she weigh? How tight was it around her neck? Was the loopt in the front or back of her neck? Our community best get it together it asap, so we won’t have these peep in Our business. WE need Our own bureau and not them defining our culture. Why was the child taken from the grandmother? The fact they dont keep these children in steady homes, shows it’s a game. The state and the foster parent or attending party is responsible, this a case this skies and solar system best not let vanish

  16. She’s dead because of her sorry, trifling, no good ass family!!!!!!
    Another relative could H’s very taken her in PERIOD!!!!!

  17. Sistagirl from the Boogie Down Bronx on

    In total agreement with SayWhat! Suicide note written by a 6 year old… I don’t believe this account of what might have happened.

  18. Yes Lord. This is truly or should be a wake up call to the mother. Also they need to investigate more because that child didn’t tie a knot that would hold her body at the age of six. Shall I say homicide!

  19. I am a white mother with no drug or alcohol history! I lost custody of my children; There were no allegations of abuse by me! I believe this family fought for this child. There is only one race! The human race. Minnesota rise up! demand exposure . By the Grace of God and with much help from friends and strangers ,,,,my children are still alive, burt we cry for this family. Demand exposure demand investigation. No more Minnesota children should die!

  20. Minnesota rise up!! I am a white mother with no allegations against me who lost custody of my daughter. This can happen to anyone. Lets demand further exposure and investigation. My girls wanted to die too! This is not ok

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