Measles: Some Are Afraid of Vaccines After U.S. Drug Co. Sold HIV-tainted Drugs On Purpose


By Dr. Samori Swygert

The measles vaccine conundrum has picked up steam and taken center stage of our American media.

The situation has polarized the American populace into 2 groups that have been labeled “pro-vaccine” or “anti-vaccine.”  The medical community, news media, and many government employees have been outspoken about the importance of vaccination.

There is also a faction of Americans who don’t want vaccines administered to their children for a myriad of reasons, such as claims of vaccine-induced autism or the right to exercise autonomy over their body from government mandates.


Maybe some of the public have fear, apprehension, and trepidation in knowing that a U.S. pharmaceutical company knowingly sold HIV-tainted anti-hemophiliac drugs overseas to offset its funding losses once it was revealed on the American Market. This would definitely undermine the trust of what people put in their bodies. It indicates that drug companies are willing to forgo the moral imperative, and some (not all) lack ethical integrity, and are willing to endanger and jeopardize the lives and the health of individuals for financial gain.

Individuals who don’t want vaccines administered to their children have been labeled a threat to public health, and cast as pariahs.  Their image and beliefs have come under attack, scrutiny, and lambasting.

I think both sides have some valid points.

However, I have another angle of discussion that must be met with equal scrutiny before the public disparages  individuals and families who choose not to vaccinate. If the government is so concerned about stopping the spread of harmful, infectious diseases, than they should prohibit these researchers from resynthesizing viruses that have been either eradicated or previously purged.

Polio Virus Resynthesis

The New York Times found in 2002 that a group of scientists in SUNY Stonybrook resynthesized the polio virus in their lab.  The reported intent was for study, research, and investigative analysis of fighting it in a bio-warfare attack.

Resynthesis of the 1918 Spanish Flu

In 2006, The Times reported on a Center for Disease Control and Prevention scientist that had resynthesized the 1918 Spanish flu virus.  This strain of the flu was responsible for the death of 20-50 million people.

Smallpox Sequencing and Storing

The Times reported in October 2014 that the viral genome of the smallpox virus was taken and sequenced in a laboratory and that the actual genetic sequence had been digitally stored.  The irony is that it is stored in the United States and in…RUSSIA (go figure).

Smallpox Mishandling

In the name of research, awards, notoriety, and scientific recognition, medical experts are putting the public at risk, too.  Don’t say it’s controlled when just last year, the CDC reported the reckless and haphazard mishandling of highly-infectious smallpox vials left in a cardboard box.  What if a mouse, rat or some other rodent or insect came in contact with these live viruses and escaped the facility?

Anthrax Mishandling

In August 2014, USA TODAY published an article finding that 86 CDC staff members were exposed to live anthrax due to the failure of the staff to inactivate the bacteria, wear the appropriate personal protective equipment, and maintain the proper airflow requirements.

Vaccinated at Gunpoint

I actually found an article published by the New England Journal of Medicine about a 1905 Massachusetts case entitled Jacobsen Versus Massachusetts.  The State Court ruled that it was legal to mandate vaccinations of the public to prevent the spread of smallpox.  This resulted in armed guards accompanying medical doctors as citizens were basically vaccinated at gun point without a choice.

These are not stories from the Swygert Tribune. The links are from reputable news sources and are furnished for your leisure to review.

Now ask yourself, ‘Why is there no public outcry against all this toying and tinkering around with extremely deadly viruses and bacteria?’

Medical researchers would probably use the convenient excuse that they need to put the public’s health at risk for research and scientific development. However, what’s to prevent a situation of mishandling, like the aforementioned cases?  Remember how Edward Snowden rebelled against the government.  What would stop a ‘mad scientist’ from doing the same? What would stop a researcher from selling their research to foreign countries or enemies?

What if a natural disaster similar to Hurricane Sandy damages a containment center and releasing these pathogens, like the thousands of mice that died or escaped from NYU Hospital?

What are your thoughts on this?  There are definitely valid points on both sides of the argument, but we must also address what I’ve discussed, because it’s just as big a public health threat as those who refuse vaccination.

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  1. Great article and great research. When will most Americans wake up out of their comas and at least admit to themselves that our medical system and health oversights are NOT working in this country and are NOT in our highest and best interests! The forced vaccination programs aimed at our most vulnerable populations (our children) are doing more harm than good. Why should even the questioning of these practices have “maim”-stream media calling for jail time for parents who resist? How far can this corruption go (in every facet of our lives) and how many of us are taken out before we refuse to cooperate? No need to march in the streets in protest just quietly say, “No, enough is enough.”

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