The Deadly Diseases That Are Killing Black People


By Dr. Sinclair Grey III

Health in the African-American community is vitally important. With so many illnesses affecting people of color, care for one’s health needs to be at the top of the priorities list. However, it’s no secret that for years, the health care system has been unfair to African-Americans. The lack of quality services raises a red flag.

In a recent article in Black Enterprise, five deadly issues for African-Americans have been listed. These are serious issues that all of us must address, as it could mean life or death.

  1. Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for African-Americans. Contributing factors that lead to heart diseases are diet, lifestyles, and ‘the incidence of other co-morbites (e.g., obesity, smoking, diet, excessive alcohol).’ Click here to read the fact sheet.

  2. Cancer is a rapid killer among Blacks. “When accounting for all cancers combined, incidence rates are highest among black (554.5), followed by white (499.7), Hispanic* (393.5), Asian/Pacific Islander (310.1), and American Indian/Alaska Native (293.5) men. Specifically as it relates to breast cancer, Black women have the highest death rates of all racial and ethnic groups and are 40% more likely to die of breast cancer than white women,” the study said. Click here to read about the health disparities with cancer.

  1. Strokes are twice as likely to occur in African-Americans compared to other ethnicities. In addition to this, African-Americans are twice as likely to die from a stroke. It’s important to know that strokes are the fifth leading cause of death for all Americans. Click here to read about the signs and symptoms of a stroke.

  2. Diabetes is known as the ‘silent killer’ and affects African-Americans at high levels, especially type 2 diabetes. The study went on to conclude that “gestational diabetes occurs more frequently in African Americans, Hispanic/Latino Americans, and American Indians than in other groups.” Click here to learn about diabetes in African-Americans.

  3. Unintentional Injuries are the number one cause of death for persons ages 1-19. Click here to read the CDC report.

The CDC does admit that African-Americans receive poorer healthcare because of their lack of access. Other issues such as discrimination contributes to receiving poor service.

Because April is National Minority Health Month, it’s time we have a candid conversation with our loves ones about their health.

Source: Black Enterprise

Dr. Sinclair Grey III is an activist, speaker, writer, author, life coach, and host of The Sinclair Grey Show heard on Mondays at 2pm on WAEC Love 860am (iHeart Radio and Tune In). Contact him at or on Twitter @drsinclairgrey

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