Professional accuses medical profession of using blacks as an “ATM Machine”


Reported by Michal Ortner

Dr. Joel Wallach, the founder of Youngevity and author of Black Gene Lies, has caused a stir in the Black community with claims that they have been duped for 100 years by medical professionals. In an interview with Pastor Jamal Bryant, Wallach explains that diabetes, high blood pressure, and other diseases are not genetically transmitted.

“These are all nutritional deficiencies,” he says.

Wallach’s statements are controversial because for years, doctors have used expensive and extensive treatments for African Americans with diabetes and other health issues.  “The medical profession made themselves into a protected monopoly a hundred years ago, self-pleasing, with no oversight by an agency,” Wallach explains.

According to the Institute of Medicine, medical doctors kill and injure at least 15 million Americans in clinics and hospitals yearly. “When it comes to diabetes, blindness and amputations occur at a ten times more greater rate in the Black community than the White community. Not because it’s genetic but because the doctor holds so much power, so much sway to the Black person. Because doctors have convinced the Black community that all these diseases are genetic,” Wallach says.

“It’s a simple nutritional deficiency, and we’ve known about it for seventy years. But because there is insurance, these medical professionals have chosen the Black community to use for an ATM machine,” Wallach continues.

Wallach gives an example of a doctor recommending a bone marrow transplant that costs tens of thousands of dollars to someone dealing with an iron deficiency, rather than prescribing $3 iron pills that can be just as effective. He strongly believes doctors are scamming the Black community and have been doing it for years.

A video circulating on social media shows a woman explaining how the Black community is being sabotaged by contaminated milk supplies. Her statements confirm Dr. Wallach’s findings when she points to a map of Africa.

“Look at Africa. It has the lowest diabetes in the world. So, how can diabetes be genetic in Blacks if they didn’t have it in Africa?” she questions. “It’s because U.S. National Policy is to genocide the Black communities with radiation.”

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Posted by De’Sean Mayes on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Do you think the health problems in the Black community are by design?

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