Teen invents device to stop spread of germs on planes


By Ryan Brennan

Known as the biggest high school science competition in the world, the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Pittsburgh, PA saw the conclusion to their event over the weekend. Raymond Wang, a 17-year-old science student from Canada, took home the competition’s top prize. He aimed to tackle the ongoing problem that flyers experience while on an airplane — germs. In that tight of a space, germs and sicknesses can and will spread easily, but Wang found a way to halt the spreading of those germs.

Wang’s invention is essentially a “system of fins that can be installed on a plane’s existing airflow valves, and which, when in action, create pockets of air around each and every passenger on board,” according to Celebrity Net Worth. With the way airplanes are built nowadays, germs that are released when someone sneezes, for example, don’t get ventilated until the plane lands. If they were to use Wang’s invention, all of those germs would be sucked through the ventilation provided by the fins. This will result in the germs being released into the atmosphere, leaving everyone ventilated and germ-free.

One of the most surprising aspects of this invention is the cost of it. According to estimates made by Wang himself, the total cost of adding this system would be roughly $1,000 per airplane. Even better, the system could be installed overnight. With that being said, it’s obvious that this invention could, and most possibly will, earn Wang a lot more than the $75,000 he won at the competition. He has the potential to make millions with this invention, especially once he gets it patented.

The more you read into this young man’s story, the more impressive it gets. The idea and the creation of Wang’s invention was done entirely on his own time, aside from any schoolwork and extracurricular activities. In order to successfully finish his project, he was forced to learn computational fluid dynamics and other subjects that high schools curriculums don’t require, even in Canada.

Even further, this isn’t Wang’s first invention he can take credit for. He has a long list of inventions to his name, although this is the first to win him a prize at Intel’s competition.

“He’s also developed a system for harnessing energy from rain-striking the surface of a rooftop, and a garbage can that cleans itself,” according to CNW.



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