Transgender Teen Freezes Eggs To Have Children Later


By James Merritt

With higher levels of acceptance for the LGBTQ community comes a higher level of option for those living that lifestyle. Equality has opened up many new doors for everything from marriage to healthcare. Many limits are gone especially in the area of childbearing. For the first time ever, an 18-year-old from northern California has become one of the first transgender teenagers to freeze his eggs so he can have biological children later in life.

That teen is Cole Carman. Cole, formerly known as Nicole, has undergone a double mastectomy and will soon start testosterone treatment. But before that procedure,  he was offered the option to freeze his eggs.

“[After] they told me that, I didn’t [start testosterone treatment]and I did some research on the egg retrieving process,” Carman told PEOPLE. “I already knew I wanted kids, so to say yes and make that decision was a no-brainer.”

Cole began researching transgender experiences when he was 12, but didn’t really understand what it meant to be transgender. After further research, Cole realized what it meant to be transgender and began to understand the lifestyle last year.

“From there I had to just make sure I came to terms with myself and who I am before making a big decision like [undergoing surgery],” he said.

The decision was much easier with the support of his parents. Carman’s parents’ backed him throughout the process of transitioning.

“I didn’t really hesitate at all simply because Cole has always been mature in his thinking and I knew this was something that was really important to him,” said his mother C.J. Carman.

Cole’s parents were receptive to the idea of Cole freezing his eggs because C.J. struggled to conceive. As a result, she and her husband adopted Cole. “I wanted to make sure it was done before it couldn’t be done,” she said.

While it is believed that Cole is the first transgender teen to undergo the egg freezing process. She will surely not be the last.


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