Scientist confessed that vaccines cause autism in black boys


This video is surprising and shocking to see.  But the information should be shared, since it appears to be making a very strong and meaningful connection between the use of vaccines and increased risk of autism in black boys. The CDC is being accused of hiding that information and it is even being alleged that the evidence was thrown into the trash can.  Watch the video and tell us what you think.



  1. Please THINK!!!!!!! How could they rid society of BLACK BOYS easily? Put FEAR in parents and you wont get them vaccinated….YOU will be the cause of their demise…Why would ANY vaccine ONLY destroy BLACK BOYS??? Please THINK!!!!! We have gotten them for years….. Don’t be the cause of your own child’s death….and destroy the future of young black men….THINK…How else could they KILL young black men besides jail, police and gangs….let the parents do it out of fear

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