Mobile platform Talkspace is the ‘Future of Therapy,’ combines face-to-face talks with patient confidentiality


An ad showing Freud in Google Glass says it all.

The father of psychotherapy is the past, the high-tech gadget is today and the image is for Talkspace’s April 5 conference on the “Future of Therapy.”

If anyone knows how vital talk therapy is and where it’s going, it’s the co-founder of Talkspace, a mobile platform. It all started because her marriage nearly tanked.

Roni Frank and her husband, Oren, “experienced a crisis in our relationship and we decided to give it one more chance in couples’ therapy,” she said.

Frank became so enthralled with therapy that after a career as a software developer, she chucked it to study psychology.

Two years into her journey toward a master’s degree, she “started to realize the mental health system in America is completely broken,” she said. “One in five Americans suffers from mental health issues each year.”

Yet, roughly 70% of those who need help don’t receive it, Frank said. The three main obstacles? Cost, stigma and accessibility.

Most face-to-face therapy runs at least $100 an hour, many feel embarrassed about needing psychological help and getting to appointments can be difficult. Frank was convinced she could do something.

Four years ago, the Franks launched Talkspace with $13 million in venture capital funding. They now have over 500 licensed therapists, who report to supervisors.



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