Miami 9-year-old girl finishes day-long Navy SEAL obstacle course race, trains for more extreme races in quest against bullying


ar-old Miami girl is running in extreme races that would crush most men and women twice her age.

Four-foot, 53-pound third grader Milla Bizzotto finished a 24-hour obstacle course race designed by former Navy SEALs after working out under her fitness trainer father, the Miami Herald reported earlier this month.

Now, she’s getting ready for more head-spinning feats in her inspiring personal fight against the bullying she said drove her to become a super athlete.

“I don’t want to play Minecraft. I don’t want a hoverboard. I don’t want things to make life easier,” Milla said in a YouTube video of her training. “I want to be comfortable being uncomfortable. I have one body and it is all I want and love.”

Her dad Christian Bizzotto stayed by her side throughout the March 4 BattleFrog race as she ran 36 miles, swam 8 kilometers and completed six laps of an obstacle course with 25 different obstacles. No one else younger than 18 competed in the race.

“I’m so proud of her,” Bizzotto, 36, told the Herald. “She was so amazing the entire race. She is really so relentless and refuses to quit.”

Bizzotto helped start a local gym called the Fitness Movement Academy, where Milla began to train with him in June after some of her classmates told her she wasn’t good at sports. She finished a BattleFrog 15K race in November and a Spartan Sprint race the following month.



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