Toddler who died was in midst of getting 6 cavities filled


AUSTIN — Parents of a toddler who died earlier this week while at the dentist said they are still in shock.

All that was supposed to happen was routine. Daisy Lynn Torres needed to have two cavities filled, Betty Squier and Elizandro Torres said Thursday.

Because Daisy was 14 months old, a dentist at Austin Children’s Dentistry was using general anesthesia.

“They told me to sit down with her so they could put her under, and they told me to leave the room,” Squier said. “So I left the room.”

After Daisy was anesthetized, Squier said the dentist, whom she did not identify, told her that her daughter needed additional dental work.

“About 10 or 15 minutes into her procedure, the dentist came back because originally she was only supposed to be going for two cavities. And he said, ‘I’m going to go ahead and do six. I’m going to do four crowns on top and two at the bottom,’ ” Daisy’s mom said.

Children often get their first teeth as early as 3 months old, but they can emerge as late as a year old. By age 3, a child has a full set of baby teeth.

Squier said she trusted that the dentist was making the right decisions for her baby. But a short time later, the dentist alerted her that Daisy had gone into cardiac arrest.



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