Australian Tinder users match with STDs in provocative public health campaign


A cheeky Tinder campaign is swiping at STDs.

Hero Condoms has created 10 fake dating profiles named after infections like herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea spread primarily through casual, unprotected sex.

The prophylactic brand decided to match Australians looking for high-risk hookups with some hard facts, since these diseases are on the rise Down Under among men and women ages 18 to 24.

“Swipe right if you’re looking for something serious. Infertile kind of serious,” reads Johnorrhoea’s profile, which went live with the other mock-ups last week.

“My ideal date would start with a single unusual sore, which is usually firm, round, and painless,” says the handsome Sydphilis, tipping a wink. “I’d then spice things up with skin rashes and sores in your mouth, vagina, or bum. Romantic much?”

The comely Chlaramydia, 21, comes onto users with, “if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell won’t like Doc forcing a 10 inch swizzle stick into your pee pee,” along with emojis of an eggplant and a fireball.

Her male counterpart Chadmydia, 22, asks, “Who’s down for a bit of Cervix and Chill?”

No thanks.

Herpez, 23, who likes eating pizza, watching “Seinfeld” and “contagious blister outbreaks on your rude bits” boasts that he’s also spontaneous.

“Love nothing better than to break out on your adventure holiday, your 3rd date, even Xmas day,” his profile says.

Hero Condoms tapped local artist Aaron Tyler to create the five male and five female STD accounts using photo-editing tools drawing on selfies from around the world to create the composite profile pictures.



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