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0 Living With Bipolar Disorder

By Stephanie Allen-Gobert “Living with a mental illness is a study in survival. Every day, every motion is questioned. What is this? Am I happy or am I starting to head towards mania?”, says Bassey Ikpi. One common mental illness is Bipolar disorder. Bipolar…

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0 Doctors Plan To Reduce Number of C-Section Births

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III Attention women who are waiting with joy to give birth to your newborn baby, there’s a new guideline urging the nation’s obstetricians to be more patient in allowing healthy women to deliver their babies vaginally before receiving unnecessary C-sections.…

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0 Monkeys Don’t Like Inequality Either

By Barry Burch Jr. Could it be that fairness is just one of those state of beings that even animals identify with?  Possibly.  According to Fras de Waal , a primatologist, ethologist, and professor of primate behavior at Emory University, monkeys make it very…