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0 Limiting TV Time for Preschoolers

What parent hasn’t used the television to occupy their child from time to time? After all, parents have a thousand demands placed on them. Television can keep your preschooler happily absorbed when it’s time to get dinner started, sneak in a household chore, or…

6 ADHD in Teens

It’s not uncommon for teens with ADHD to forget assignments, lose textbooks, and become bored with their daily class work. Teens may become inattentive, or excessively attentive — not waiting for their turn before blurting out answers. They may interrupt their teacher and classmates,…

1 Caring for Your Child’s Eczema

Eczema doesn’t seem to be an allergic condition, but food allergies can make it worse in some kids. Babies and young children are more likely to have food triggers for eczema than older kids. Some foods are more likely to trigger symptoms than others.…

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