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1 A Father Explains Why Dads Need Paternity Leave Too

By: Stephanie Allen-Gobert The role of men and fathers are constantly changing and becoming more significant. A New York sports radio show earlier this week triggered a long over due conversation about the role fathers play balancing or helping to balance work, life and…

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0 The Vitamins that might be killing men

About 50 percent of men in the United States take vitamins and supplements, according to studies. In 2011, American consumers spent $30 billion on these over-the-counter nutritional items. The problem? Many popular vitamins and supplements aren’t FDA-regulated. Additionally, the Archives of Internal Medicine published…

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1 Man with 132 Lb Scrotum Dies at 49

Wesley Warren was a star, sort of, but for some of the wrong reasons.  Warren was once the subject of a TLC special called “The Man With the 132 Lb Scrotum.” Warren suffered from scrotal lymphedema, a condition that led to swelling beyond anything anyone had…

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