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How the government infected black families with syphillis

Many people have the impression that racism simply involves isolated acts of prejudice. However, the racism that results in long lasting..

March 30, 2014 with 1 Comment


  • Regina: That explains your sorry inconvenience. You are a waste of air. Check out the rehab facilities and see how many of your white whores who are there pregnant, smoking, drinking and doing drugs before their lockups. Check out the maternity wards and see how many of your white screaming piggies in the neonatal ward for drugs and alcohol. The same things you claim that causes autism in Blacks are the same incidents that occur in your white autistics. Do you want me to name the white autistics that are victims of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol? View Post
  • Purple: My sister's oldest son has autism, he was born in Louisville, Kentucky! She stated, when he was almost 3 years old or just turned 3, on Thanksgiving day, at dinner he would run constantly back and forth, back and forth through the hallway. She said this behavior was so strange than he stopped talking, just like all the sudden he would ask for things but now he only grunts, hums and spins in circles on one foot. The Dr.s told her had autism. But later she moved to California and put him in a really preschool because the authorites told her, well he doesnot look autistic. One day she came topick him up from preschool and they had him tied down to a chair. View Post
  • Anastasia: Doubt it. The only thing that caused "autism" in these black kids (both male & female) was their so called mothers' drinking and drug use. View Post
  • childofthesixties: Don't really know if this is true or not due to both of my grandsons having had all of their shots on time and neither one is autistic of course I don't live in Atlanta either but if it were a "race" thing why are there so many White children that are autistic? It may be a combination of both parents DNA plus the shots, sort of like Sickle Cell it takes both parents. View Post
  • Diva: I have a child with Autism, and I KNEW that something was wrong with my child BEFORE the shots. I'm NOT saying that shots cause or don't cause the problem, but I know that there are a lot of White kids with it too, so it's NOT a racial thing. I'm in the classroom with my teenaged son and the majority of the children in his classroom are WHITE, and I LIVE in a lower income community, so I can't put validity in this, especially after I did a paper on this very subject in my science course, and it disproves this as well. Believe what you like, but seek out more than ONE scientific report before drawing a conclusion and making blanket statements. View Post

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