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How the government infected black families with syphillis

Many people have the impression that racism simply involves isolated acts of prejudice. However, the racism that results in long lasting..

March 30, 2014 with 1 Comment


  • Diva: SheilaB. is absolutely correct about the FDA. They do add far too many additives to our food supply. The cost for natural and organic food is expensive, and often not available for low-income families, who have poor choices in their grocery stores, and are even overcharged in these dives for the substandard fruits and vegetable they sell. Diet and exercise help, but what if you have a mental health issue? These are things that need to be addressed for sure, especially in the Black community, where hypertension, diabetes, and other ailments affect us. Food is another way that they use to mistreat us...and Big Pun was a woman beater, but he was a great rapper, too. People are complex, to be for sure. I hope his children have done well since his passing. View Post
  • Alawishous: What's the difference. She was supa fine b4 and she is supa fine now. She has always cornered the market on fine. View Post
  • Olivia: Everyone of those lying mofos need 2 b skinned alive and hung from the highest tree! View Post
  • RIDEN: Was looking for great writeup. It actually was every amusement accounts the item. Glimpse tricky in order to far unveiled flexible on your part! Incidentally, the best way may possibly all of us communicate? View Post
  • UBTH Hospital: We currently have a kidney donor who is willing to donate kidney, if you are interested kindly contact for more inquiries View Post

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