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How the government infected black families with syphillis

Many people have the impression that racism simply involves isolated acts of prejudice. However, the racism that results in long lasting..

March 30, 2014 with 1 Comment


  • wanda: I've always been a little suspicious of some of the things being touted on Dr. Oz's show. I'm not saying it's all bad, but he sometimes comes off as being a proprietor of gimmicks. View Post
  • bg: Yeap I live in Illinois and had a doctor that I see for depression. Now I was a deputy sheriff and had depression before getting hired. Anyway I changed jobs and when it was time to renew I was denied because I went to counseling. Now I wish I hadnt asked for help. But I no a lot of people that don't have license and they have guns. This is only gonna make the gun trafficker rich View Post
  • Toni: It should cost people with mental instability their gun licenses in every state, not just NY. What about KY???? Add KY into people with guns that they should not be able to have them. View Post
  • Lorna: OUT OF DARKNESS THE LAST STAND! I do like this new tour idea of yours Paul. Like so many millions of others have stated, you have lifted my spirits on a number of occasions. I am not funny unless I am just talking having a conversation with people. So it is hard for me to think of a joke but, my mother and dad are from new orleans I heard you talk about your birthplace many times. I also think you are a Leo by your astrological sign. You Leo's are something else, HAHAHA, the Lion, the fire the laughter and that courageous and funny personality naturally draws people to you, it's the fire, in your heart and spirit. Sent my prayers up to the one and only God many times for you and will continue. I feel your fire. It makes me feel as if we are friends, like I know you, I guess that is how people truly get to know each other, through their spirits. Blessing, and peace of mind , Your friend you never met, Lorna View Post
  • au: so, why don't he just try it in jail while he's there for 30 years? View Post

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