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How the government infected black families with syphillis

Many people have the impression that racism simply involves isolated acts of prejudice. However, the racism that results in long lasting..

March 30, 2014 with 1 Comment


  • Corbin: I think she did what she had to do at the time. She wanted money and fame. That doesn't bother me at all, and besides, who gives af. View Post
  • big annie: @Mary -- I agree with all in your post. We ALL have made dubious decisions in our lives. Folks talk about abortion, but as you stated, no one ever is concerned about the pain women go through when they have made that decision ( or those decisions, depending on the circumstances). She was young and under pressure...she was at a crossroads. I don't think she was gleeful about the act. That's the thing...people are quick to judge women for abortion. But then, had she been 18 and had to give up acting, etc. and her life took a different turn, folks would be talking bad about that decision too.( she was too young to have that her life is ruined, Wasn't she the one who was trying to do acting? Why would she have baby NOW?, etc.) Before folks talk all that stuff...they have to walk a mile in the other person's shoes. View Post
  • Mary: Countess is a tremendous, TREMENDOUS talent that I pray will make it to the top! She is a RIOT when it comes to comedy, but I don't believe the depth of her abilities has even been scratched yet! Its heartbreaking that she was faced with such a difficult decision at such a young age; the pain of abortion is not much discussed in our society, but I believe that candid dialogue from women who've been there could significantly impact many others who are facing that dilemma, and help to spare them the heartache that Countess must have felt (and may still feel from time to time. who can ever, truly forget and cease to wonder about the life that once grew on inside them?) I don't believe in abortion but I don't condemn her. Informed, wise or not, people make the choices and decision based on the information, outlook and support (or lack thereof) that they have, at the time they're called on to do so. There's not a human alive without a regrets over some of the choices we've made. The beauty in life however, is that God is a God of second chances, even when people may condemn you without recourse. Countess is SUCH a doll....cute, fresh faced, bright and waiting to be discovered for REAL!! I pray that the right doors at the right time and in the right places, open for her and her artistic ability. I'm sure that I'm only one in millions, waiting to see her blossom, spread her wings and really fly!!!! View Post
  • MsKDW: That was a dumb ass decision to abort a life for a TV Show. Family is forever, shows aren't...... Lord help us all! View Post
  • Regina: Whatever View Post

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